Robert Kelley's 3 Favorite Trade Setups

I've been relying on Elliott waves for trading decisions for over 30 years. It's fascinating to me that prices still reliably display the same patterns they did 30 years ago -- or 300 years ago!

That's because while technology changes, human psychology stays the same. And opportunities and risks still come and go in the same, recognizable patterns.

Today I want to show you how to shrink your Elliott wave trade setups down to just 3. These are the same 3 setups I look for in my own charts when I'm trying to spot a high-confidence opportunity:

  • 5th waves
  • 3rds and Cs
  • Ending diagonals

I like these particular setups because they're high-potential, low-risk, and easy to spot. And they work in both directions.

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