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Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom

Get Practical Hands-On Instruction from the World’s Top Elliott Instructors

3 times a week, our team brings you a short video lesson. You see real markets and practical trading tips — and benefit from the experience of 6 top Elliott wave professionals. Each of them has been in the markets for decades. You’ll see for yourself the difference they make in your trading.

Ready to meet that confident, savvy trader who’s been hiding inside of you? Get started watching and applying the lessons right now.



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Online Course: Where to Start Your Wave Count: A, B,'s as Easy as 1, 2 3

Fantasy vs. Reality

“Glance at your screens. Spot a trade. Open, close, done. Repeat until you’re rich.”

That’s what trading is supposed to be like.

Yeah, right! The reality is more often, well, messy. Tips. Rumors. Media noise. Market surprises. A winner, a loser, a loser… a winner!

We get it. We’ve been there.

You CAN make it easier on yourself. The key is to have a method that works, and the knowledge of how to apply it properly. Your team of 6 Elliott wave trading instructors knows how to help you do that.

Leverage the power of team instruction

With these 6 experts, you’ll have access to almost 150 years’ worth of direct market experience. It’s a deep bench.

We don’t know of anyone else who’s assembled an Elliott wave instructor team anywhere CLOSE to this caliber. Use it.


(Seriously, have you looked at how much you’re spending on broker fees?)

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Start your subscription to Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom now. Get instant access to new lessons, real-market opportunities, the library vault, monthly webinars, Q&As and more. Let your 30 days of discovery begin.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in each new video lesson your team of 6 instructors shares various time-tested tools and tips from their careers. Watch — and instantly add the lessons to your trading arsenal. AND decide whether to take advantage of the opportunities the instructors reveal.


This is where the rubber meets the road. The tools you’ll learn inside Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom are not just for paper trading. They’re designed to help you trade with confidence — in your markets, on your own, going forward, for the rest of your trading life.

Real Traders Trust Trader’s Classroom

Trader's Classroom from Elliott Wave International. Laptop image.


3 times a week, published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a short video lesson from your team of 6 instructors gives you hands-on lessons in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools.

Real Markets

Most lessons show you a new market opportunity. Today, it may be S&P 500 or gold or oil. Tomorrow, AMZN or TSLA or Solana.


Become the self-reliant trader you want to be. Each lesson helps you change the way you trade. For good.

PLUS, enjoy these FREE PERKS

Every month, live webinars
with one of your 6 instructors

Once a month, join one of your instructors — Robert, Michael, Jim, Favio, Tony, or Jason — and your fellow subscribers for 1 hour of live learning.

Easily a $99 value, yours FREE.

Got a question?
“Ask your instructors”

Have a question? Leave the team a voicemail right from the Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom portal.

Your instructors pick the best questions for new lessons.

Quickly find
the right lessons

Want to learn more about technical tools that work in conjunction with the Wave Principle, like Fibonacci? Volume? Another technical tool?

Easy: Find the right video lessons by keyword.


(Give it a shot for 30 days. You’ll learn more than you think.)

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