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Crude Oil Prices: "Random"? Hardly.

This week's shocking spike in crude oil prices is +12% and counting. Media stories blame one culprit: the November 30 OPEC agreement to cut production. The weeks leading up to the meeting were filled with anticipation and emotion. Oil prices went all over the place -- down 4% one day, 3% the next. Yet, those fluctuations weren't random.

Wait: Wasn't British Pound Supposed to be Crashing Right Now?

On December 1, the British pound soared to a three-month high against the euro. Some investors may find the move shocking, considering the British unit was supposed to be strangled by the Brexit albatross. There's only one way to explain it.

Asian-Pacific Stocks: What's Hot, What's Not

Mark Galasiewski, the editor of our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast and contributor to our Global Market Perspective, reveals what markets you should keep your eye on heading into the new year.

Populist Politics: What's in Store for Europe?

Brian Whitmer discusses the social mood landscape across Europe and explains how social mood will impact the upcoming European elections.

A Legendary Analyst's Observation Speaks Volumes about This Market

As of Nov. 25, the Russell 2000 closed higher for 15 straight trading sessions. The late Paul Montgomery, a renowned observer of market behavior, made an observation about consecutive closing streaks that should be of high interest to every investor.

Simple Yet Powerful Trading Tools

In this new interview, Jeffrey Kennedy gives a trading lesson on how to use trendlines, trend channels, price gaps and other technical tools in conjunction with Elliott wave analysis.