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EWI meticulously charted U.S. stocks' path from the late February drop through the current rally. And we continue to do so.

We recently posted new issues of:

  • Short Term Update (4/8)
  • The Elliott Wave Theorist (4/7)
  • Elliott Wave Financial Forecast (4/3)

You get them all in the Financial Forecast Service (FFS). FFS shows you precisely where the markets are according to the Elliott waves -- and more importantly -- what's next. Not just the declines, but the sharp rallies too.

The picture couldn’t be clearer. For the sake of your future, don’t miss it.

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"It is best to read the full explanations in Conquer the Crash. Prechter adroitly identifies the negative unintended consequences associated with Federal Reserve open market interventions and federal government fiscal stimulus – both of which are now the rage for solving the current economic crisis. Specifically, in Part II (The Case for Deflation), he explains why deflation is the likely immediate outcome (Chapter 7) and why the Federal Reserve will not be able to stop the deflation (Chapter 10). Then, in Part III, Prechter recommends several assets with the greatest potential for protecting your wealth during the coming brutal deflationary depression. This thought-provoking book is a must-read, if you have not already done so."
— Steve Puetz, Universal Cycle Theory