Stocks: Still Following the Path

Here's an excerpt from the just-published July Theorist:

Still Following the Path

The April 24 [Elliott Wave Theorist] outlined the expected path of the DJIA for the next 1 ½ years.

It gave two paths, one of which it followed so closely that the June 7 [Theorist] was able to eliminate the alternative and leave 'only one template remaining.'

The S&P made a new high on May 1, but the formation required a new all-time high in the DJIA as well, so we have been patient.

On July 3, the Dow finally fulfilled our outlook by making a new high on both an intraday and daily closing basis, and it happened again today.

Stocks have followed the Theorist's predictions with breathtaking precision lately. Now, the July Theorist shows you what's most likely next.

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