The Waves Are Clear. What’s Next?

On Wednesday, the Financial Forecast Service showed this S&P 500 chart and said:

“Wave ii (circle) can be labeled complete. Wave iii (circle) down will break below the prior wave iv (circle) at 4630.86.”

Friday morning, the S&P 500 plunged more than 80 points to ~4615. The move was perfectly in line with the Update’s forecast from Wednesday.

What do the waves say is next? You can know with a click. Our Financial Forecast Service gives you:

  • 3x-per-week Short Term Update -- See Wednesday’s now; next one posts Monday
  • Monthly Financial Forecast -- Next drop is next Friday
  • Monthly Elliott Wave Theorist -- Interim dropped this morning (11/26)

Don’t delay. The waves are big, and they are clear.

And they do not wait for anyone.

November 25 - December 2

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