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Elections Take Center Stage, Again.

Politics are all the rage with the French election and Britain's "snap" election taking headlines. Let us keep you ahead of the news -- see what's next for EU stocks and economies now with our Global Market Perspective, Risk-Free.

Prepare for the NEXT surprise

Volatility is picking up. When it hits in earnest, the recent complacency will get shattered. Let our flagship Financial Forecast Service help you be ready.

Big-Picture Commodity Forecasts

See top opportunities across 18 major commodity markets + a practical trading lesson in the new April Commodity Junctures video forecast.

A Sobering Look at "Market-Shattering Shocks"

If investors would only review the historical data, they would discover the sobering truth about news and the stock market. Do you believe a presidential assassination or a major terrorist attack would affect the market's trend? Find out what really happened.

Recall This Bond Trader Chart? Here's What Happened

Our three recent Treasury Bond charts combine to show you trader sentiment, price action and important near-term turns and trends.

Germany's Stock Market & the French Election

On April 24, Germany's DAX Index soared to a new, all-time high. Mainstream pundits say the April 23 outcome of the French Presidential Election lit the market's bullish fire. Here's our take on the rally.

Another Sign of the Coming Car Crash

"Extend and Pretend" and Other Signs of the Coming "Car Crash"

Delinquencies have been increasing for subprime car loans. Yet, car dealers are unfazed and have been allowing buyers to "trade in underwater vehicles two or three times." The credit boom is reaching an extreme.

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter Talks About Elliott Waves and Socionomics

Avi Gilburt of conducted a thoughtful interview with Bob Prechter recently. We thought you'd like to see it.