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Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom

Get Practical Hands-On Instruction from the World’s Top Elliott Instructors

Ready to meet that confident, savvy trader who’s been hiding inside of you? You can — with help from Elliott Wave Trader’s Classroom.

3 times a week, our team of 6 instructors brings you a short video lesson. You see real markets and practical trading tips — and benefit from the experience of not one but 6 top Elliott wave professionals. Each of these guys has been in the markets for decades. They’ve seen a lot.

With Trader’s Classroom, you’ll watch their lessons live for 30 days. You’ll see for yourself the difference they make in your trading. Then, you can choose: stay on or cancel. Either way, the knowledge you gain is yours forever.

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Fantasy vs. reality

“Glance at your screens. Spot a trade. Open, close, done. Repeat until you’re rich.”

That’s what trading is supposed to be like.

Yeah, right! The reality is more often, well, messy.

Tips. Rumors. Media noise. Market surprises.

A winner, a loser, a loser… a winner!

We get it. We’ve been there.

You CAN make it easier on yourself. The key is to have a method that works, and the knowledge of how to apply it properly.

Your team of 6 Elliott wave trading instructors knows how to help you do that.

Leverage the power of team instruction

With these 6 experts, you’ll have access to almost 150 years’ worth of direct market experience.

It’s a deep bench.

Robert KelleySenior U.S. Equity Analyst

Robert Kelley, CEWA, joined EWI in 1990 and edited The Elliott Wave Short Term Update, the Currency and Commodity Hotline and the currency section of The Elliott Wave Currency and Commodity Forecast newsletter. After many years of passionately studying and trading options, he has assembled and taught a multi-part options trading course for EWI. He now produces video lessons for EWI’s popular Trader’s Classroom, an educational service that shows subscribers how to trade with wave analysis and supporting technical methods. He also provides intraday analysis for U.S. stock indexes in EWI’s Pro Services.

Michael MaddenSenior Currency Analyst

Michael Madden, CMT, CFTe, CEWA, is founder of ElliottWaveIreland and the co-head of the Market Technicians Association (Irish Chapter). He joined EWI’s Pro Services team in 2014, initially covering interest rates; he now provides forecasts and analysis for more than 20 currency and cryptocurrency markets in EWI’s Currency Pro Service and is a regular contributor to the monthly Global Market Perspective and the newly launched Crypto Trader’s Classroom.

Jim MartensChief Commodity Analyst

A 35-year market veteran, Jim Martens has taught Elliott waves at dozens of trading seminars around the world and has always enjoyed interacting with subscribers. Jim began his study of R.N. Elliott’s Wave Principle in the mid-1980s, which led to a position with Sabin Commodities at the Commodity Exchange Center in New York. He joined EWI in 1993 and soon became the editor EWI’s Currency Outlook of our Currency & Commodities Forecast. In 2000, Jim accepted an invitation to join Nexus Capital Ltd. as their Chief Technical Analyst. He returned to EWI in 2004 to lead our FX and cryptocurrency teams. Jim now runs our Commodities Pro Service and Commodity Junctures.

Favio PociCurrency & Crypto Analyst

Favio Poci, CEWA, got his start in financial markets in 2014 as an intern in the currency reserve department at the Central Bank of Albania. He was later trained as an Institutional trader with the SMB Capital futures desk before becoming a Senior Retention Agent with a Swiss FX brokerage where he provided daily coverage on the G10 FX cross rates. He went on to found and manage a website focused on teaching the practical application of the Wave Principle. Favio is now the primary Currency Cross Rates analyst for EWI’s Pro Services.

Tony CarrionSenior Cryptocurrency Analyst

Tony Carrion is a longtime Elliott wave specialist, investor and trader who jumped feet first into the dynamic world of Cryptocurrencies and has hardly come up for air. Prior to joining EWI, in 2000 Tony formed an independent online research service, and from 2008-2014 he worked as an analyst and trader for a New York-based hedge fund. Tony now covers more than 20 cryptocurrency and forex markets in EWI’s Pro Services and contributes video lessons for the newly launched Crypto Trader’s Classroom.

Jason SoniCurrency & Crypto Analyst

Jason Soni, CEWA, began his journey with financial markets in 1999 as a private investor. He became a proponent of technical analysis in 2005 and quickly adopted the Wave Principle in 2006. Prior to joining EWI in 2020, Jason spent 10 years guiding subscribers with daily wave analysis covering markets such as stocks, forex and commodities. Today, Jason provides commentary for more than 20 currency and cryptocurrency markets in EWI’s Pro Services, and is a regular contributor to Crypto Trader’s Classroom.

We don’t know of anyone else who’s assembled an Elliott wave instructor team anywhere CLOSE to this caliber.

Use it.



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3 times a week, published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a short video lesson from your team of 6 instructors gives you hands-on lessons in Elliott waves and other technical analysis tools. Watch and re-watch lessons as often as you want.

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