How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle to Improve Your Options Trading Strategies

Course 2: Range Bound Strategies

On-Demand Course – 2 hours | eBook – 43 pages | Level: Intermediate

Learn how to anticipate and take advantage of sideways markets using Elliott wave and butterflies, condors and other related option strategies.

Learn how to effectively combine Elliott Wave and options strategies

This exciting course is the second of a multi-part series of options trading courses that will teach you how you can use the Elliott Wave Principle to improve your options trading. (Note: The first options trading course on Vertical Spreads is not a prerequisite for this options trading course.)

EWI Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman walks you through real-life market examples to show you how Elliott wave and options strategies combine to form a formidable team that helps you improve your trading. Wayne also reveals certain “wing spread” and “income-generating” strategies that take advantage of sideways markets with low volatility. These strategies include:

  • Covered Put/Call
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Long Butterfly
  • Long Condor

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Which wave function, actionary (main trend) or reactionary (countertrend), serves as the optimal context
  • Which wave structure provides the best opportunity for a successful trade, and which do not
  • Which wave position provide you the optimal entry
  • Does the strategy work better at a relatively higher degree or lower degree
  • How to apply Elliott’s rules and guidelines, including Fibonacci ratios
  • How to anticipate sideways markets and the type of wave structure that may unfold
  • What type of wave structure should precede your entry point and why
  • Where to set entry, target and exit levels
  • When to hold a position until expiration
  • How to achieve the optimum risk/reward ratio
  • How to fine tune strike prices and expiration dates

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This 90-minute online video covers all the basics of the Elliott Wave Principle — from its rules and guidelines, to wave personalities, to wave structures, to Fibonacci relationships. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to spot the basic formations in price data and what to expect next.

Meet Your Instructor:

Wayne GormanFormer Senior Trading Instructor

Wayne Gorman, CEWA-M, is a 40-year veteran risk manager and trader. He started out at Citibank, where he managed trading positions in money markets and derivatives. He traded full-time with his own capital for almost five years before. In 2013, Wayne co-authored the Amazon best-selling book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading, published by Bloomberg Press. Wayne is also the author of multiple EWI trading tutorials.

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