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Our story begins more than 40 years ago…

Back in 1975, a young Robert Prechter joined Merrill Lynch in New York City as a technical market analyst. That’s where he first heard about Elliott wave analysis.

Prechter was deeply intrigued. He became compelled to learn everything he could about Elliott waves.

Bob thinks back:

“So, I tracked down R.N. Elliott’s original books.

“They weren’t even in the Library of Congress. But I finally dug around in the New York Public Library and found a catalog card listing a copy of them on microfilm and had photocopies made.

“I was amazed to find that there was a wealth of information that had been lost to Wall Street.

By the time Prechter had rediscovered R.N. Elliott’s work, it was largely forgotten. Elliott’s 1934 landmark study showed that the stock market trends are not random, but patterned.

He proved his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock market forecasts.

After Prechter re-discovered this powerful method, he immersed himself in everything Elliott – until he fully mastered wave theory and its impact on markets.

His mind was made up. He left Merrill Lynch. In 1979, he published the first issue of his now famous Elliott Wave Theorist.

Now you can take his same journey of discovery when you watch this classic series of lessons.

Winning against the Wall Street consensus

One of Prechter’s early forecasts called for a long-term “super bull market” in stocks. This was completely against the bearish Wall Street consensus at the time. The huge bull market of the 1980s more than delivered.

In 1984, Bob astonished the skeptics again when he used the power of Elliott waves to win the U.S. Trading Championship. He garnered a then-record 444% return in a monitored options trading account.

As Bob’s following grew, Financial News Network (now CNBC) named him “Guru of the Decade” for the 1980s.

Reporters would even say that Prechter’s forecasts single-handedly “caused” stocks to rise or fall!

Would you like to harness the power of the method that earned Prechter his world-wide following?

You can. Enhance your market-reading ability today with…

“The finest Elliott wave material ever produced”

In 1990, Prechter brought together the world’s brightest Elliott wave practitioners and instructors. Together they created EWI’s 10-volume Elliott Wave Educational Video Series.

By the time the team was finished, they had invested 1,500+ painstaking production hours into the project. That effort ensured the top-notch quality and clarity of each video lesson.

This 10-lesson classic video series has since been hailed as “the finest Elliott wave material ever produced.”

It remains the most comprehensive Elliott wave education available today.

It’s your ultimate Wave Principle resource.

“This course is excellent for everyone…”

“This course is excellent for everyone, whether you’re experienced or not. It will instantly improve the beginner’s knowledge, and they can actually start applying this information to their trading. Also, this is a must-have for the experienced Elliottician, as a study/review reference guide. Taking this course was a very good decision. I am very satisfied!” — Richard L., Garland, TX.

Meet your expert instructors…
and put their 150+ years of market experience on your side

Robert Prechter

Veteran market forecaster and best-selling author

(Years of direct market experience: 44)

Bob began his professional career in 1975 as a Technical Market Specialist with the Merrill Lynch Market Analysis Department in New York. He has been publishing The Elliott Wave Theorist since 1979 and is the president of Elliott Wave International. He is also Executive Director of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its impact on social action, including the stock market and the economy.

Dave Allman

Elliott Wave instructor, world-traveled lecturer

(Years of direct market experience: 42)

Dave Allman graduated from the University of Maryland at the age of 19 with a degree in mathematics. He became addicted to the markets and what makes them tick a few years later. He has worked closely with Bob Prechter since 1983. He has lectured around the globe on the application of the Wave Principle and investor psychology and has taught advanced classes on Elliott wave analysis to hundreds of investors. Today, Dave is active behind the scenes on a variety of projects at Elliott Wave International and the Socionomics Institute.

Wayne Gorman

Former senior instructor, risk manager, trader

(Years of direct market experience: 42)

Wayne Gorman, Certified Elliott Wave Analyst-Master (CEWA-M), is former Head of EWI’s Educational Resources. More than 40 years of experience as a risk manager and trader under his belt, he began his career at Citibank where he managed trading desks in money markets and derivatives. He traded full-time with his own capital for more than four years before joining Elliott Wave International.

A timeless learning course, now made even better for today’s investors and traders

In recent times, you’ve seen first-hand a lot of unprecedented market activity. The internet bubble, the housing boom and bust, the financial collapse, the Great Recession…

…and most recently, one of the longest uninterrupted bull markets on record.

Along the way, we learned many valuable lessons. You did too, most certainly. Times have changed!

One thing has remained unchanged though…

Market psychology. The same forces that drove markets 300 years ago still drives them today.

In this course, you’ll learn from many classic examples illustrating this important point. But we wanted to make this course is even more relevant for today’s investors and traders like yourself, so…

BONUS: We’ve included lessons on real-time investing that reflect current market realities.

This course will make you see today’s markets in a deeper, clearer way than ever before

When you have mastered this material, you’ll have a new, deeper ability to see the markets’ patterns as they form in real time.

Each added learning session teaches you via fresh examples on Elliott wave application.

You can even ask your own market questions during the live Q&As with an Elliott wave expert.

Plus, for a limited time, add the full course and get 2 months of our popular educational service – Trader’s Classroom ($154 value).

Trader’s Classroom gives you ongoing education to help you continuously improve as a trader. Master Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy delivers 3-5 engaging videos per week that feature real-market scenarios so you can learn to spot opportunities in your own charts. The service helps you better understand Elliott waves and other technical tools and teaches you how to effectively apply them to your own trading — today, right now.

Enjoy a step-by-step learning experience that will make you a better trader and investor

This classic learning course takes you on a journey of discovery via the 10 DVD set – plus the pre-recorded streaming video lessons with Wayne Gorman and 2 live Q&As.

Each step takes you closer to your ultimate goal:

Being able to glance at a chart and instantly spot a new market opportunity.

What’s more, this course also teaches you how to properly handle each opportunity like a pro, from the entry to the properly timed exit.

Lesson #1: “Introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle” — 140 mins.

Gain a crystal-clear knowledge of the true force that drives the markets

Your step-by-step guide to understanding how markets’ psychological forces construct basic Elliott wave patterns – and how to use them to your advantage.

Lesson #2: “Counting Waves Correctly” — 42 mins.

Learn to spot Elliott waves in any market with confidence

See how “being able to count to 5” is all you really need to start applying Elliott waves in the markets you watch – starting today. You’ll see how it applies in any market, from stocks to forex to gold to cocoa and more.

Lesson #3: “Characteristics of Impulse Waves” — 53 mins.

Discover the secret that 9 out of 10 traders don’t understand

Here’s the secret: In any liquid market you follow and at all degrees of trend, Elliott wave patterns are the same. Learn how to look at a single chart – and understand instantly where prices should go in the short, medium and long term, in real time.

Lesson #4: “Characteristics of Corrective Waves” — 75 mins.

Know when to expect EXPLOSIVE price action!

Market corrections are rarely exciting. It’s what comes after a correction that you want to be a part of. Learn how to identify the two major families of corrections and when to expect – and jump on! – the explosive price action that often follows.

Lesson #5: “Rules, Guidelines and Wave Personalities” — 79 mins.

Learn which Elliott wave “personality” fits your investment style best

Fibonacci ratios aren’t magic, but when you watch them in action, it often feels like it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could spot the exact price levels on your charts where the trends are most likely to stop and reverse? Imagine how much this would improve your entry and exit strategies!

Lesson #6: “Understanding Fibonacci Ratios” — 71 mins.

How one nifty tool helps you see market’s future reversal points

You get a much better feel for the market when you print out a chart and make your calculations on it by hand. This old-school process slows down our today’s frenetic pace – and often, the results you get are amazing. Having this one tool helps you do just that.

Lesson #7: “Calculating Ratios with the Precision Ratio Compass” — 47 mins.

How one nifty tool helps you see market’s future reversal points

You get a much better feel for the market when you print out a chart and make your calculations on it by hand. This old-school process slows down our today’s frenetic pace – and often, the results you get are amazing. Having this one tool helps you do just that.

Lesson #8: “Real-time Investing” — 90 min.

Use Elliott waves to manage market risk in the REAL world

When is the best moment to open a trade? When is the best time to get out? You know how frustrating it is to leave money on the table, or to jump in too early. Learn to recognize Elliott wave signals when the risk is low – and see how to place a stop-loss at the most logical price point.

Lesson #9: “Trading Options Successfully” — 71 min.

Trade options? Thinking about it? Watch this first!

In 1984, Bob Prechter used his Elliott wave skills to win the U.S. Trading Championship with a then-record 444% return in a monitored options trading account. See how to use one tactic to master most of the options-trading variables at once. Plus, you get Prechter’s three “MUSTS” for success.

Lesson #10: “Questions and Answers with Bob Prechter and Dave Allman” — 85 min.

Any questions? Learn even more from these insightful Q&As

Watch the most interesting questions and get informative answers on a variety of topics. Some are from fans, others are from skeptics… each one will teach you something you may have thought about before — but just didn’t know who to turn to for answers.

Your fellow investors who’ve taken the course say:

“I have read several books on the Elliott Wave Principle and watched many short videos on the subject and its application, but felt I was lacking comprehensive training that would bring everything together. This course has gone a very long way to addressing that and the videos will be a resource that I’m sure I shall return to until I’m finally happy that I’ve absorbed all of the nuances.” — Ian H., Kent, England

“Easy to understand. Clear directions. Exciting explanations.”

That’s how another student described his learning experience recently after taking this course.

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can jump in on this opportunity…

Get started mastering this classic and new material in one of two easy ways:

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Some common questions you might have…

“What if I can’t understand the details of the method?”

You will! Your instructors – Bob Prechter, Dave Allman, Wayne Gorman and Jeffrey Kennedy — start with the basics and build on them slowly, step-by-step, to ensure that you have full understanding. Remember, the team invested 1,500+ production hours into this project to ensure the top-notch quality and clarity of each video lesson.

Students say:

“It is the course on Elliott wave principle that explains comprehensively to foreigner like me. l’m happy to be contacted with EWI team. Thank you very much.” — Baatar D., Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

“Do Elliott waves work in today’s algorithm-driven market trading?”

You bet! Believe it or not, we’ve heard this question for close to 30 years. Computer-trading is not new, after all. Here’s the key point to recognize: Every computer-trading program is written by a human. And every human is subject to the same human psychology that’s been driving the markets since the Tulip Mania.

Software programs change. The investors behind them still herd. Elliott waves help you avoid getting caught on the wrong side of herd mentality.

“Will I be able to manage my position risk better?”

You will! It’s a great question, because managing risk is the number one rule for any long-term investing or trading success. Elliott waves helps you manage risk in multiple ways.

First, because Elliott wave patterns are self-similar at every degree of trend, you can instantly see what the trends are in the short and long term. Often, on the same chart!

Second, Elliott wave formation adheres to 3 simple Rules of Elliott. (They are covered in this learning course in detail.) When you apply those rules to the markets, you instantly see price levels that the market simply cannot cross if your forecast is to stay on track. That makes for easy stop-level placement.

Third, you can apply the common Fibonacci proportions and ratios between your market’s Elliott waves to calculate where each wave is most likely to end and reverse. This helps you avoid leaving money on the table!