Where to Start Your Wave Count on-demand course


Where to Start Your Wave Count: A, B, C…it’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Real Markets = No Hypotheticals | 1 Hour | Beginner Level

Format: Video (1 hour, 6 minutes)

By: Jim Martens, Trader’s Classroom instructor

Learning how to count waves on a price chart?
Let me give you a running start.

Jim Martens, Elliott Wave International instructor

Jim Martens
Your Trader’s Classroom Instructor

Most people look at a price chart and see … nothing,

Maybe some noise, some moves, but nothing actionable.

In just 1 hour, I will show you how to dig up the information you NEED from a chart, and fast.

Over my 35 years in the business, I have taught Elliott waves at dozens of seminars around the world. It’s always great to work with traders who are looking to improve. Labeling waves is second nature to me now, but I remember well how I struggled in the early days to see what the experienced Elliott wave guys were seeing.

And I also remember well the sheer joy I felt when I finally got it!

Having someone give you just a little leg up can jump start you on any journey. My study of R.N. Elliott’s work began in the mid-1980s, which led to a position with Sabin Commodities in New York. In 1993, I joined EWI and soon became the Currency & Commodities Forecast editor. In 2000, I accepted a Chief Technical Analyst position at a George Soros-affiliated hedge fund, Nexus Capital. I returned to EWI in 2004 and today, one of the hats I wear is Trader’s Classroom Instructor.

In my on-demand course “Where to Start Your Wave Count,” I’ll have you well on your way to counting waves with accuracy and confidence.

Our learning topics include:

  • “Do I see a wave pattern I recognize?”
  • How to build your Elliott wave count from higher timeframe to the lower one.
  • How to build your wave count from the inside out – start at a low wave degree and move up.

So you’ll be able to build an objective and high-confidence trading plan.

You’ll learn by watching REAL-market charts.

No “hypotheticals.”


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Either way, what you learn is yours forever. And that’s on top of the 1-hour on-demand course!

Jim Martens, Trader's Classroom instructor

Jim Martens
Trader’s Classroom Instructor

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