How to ‘Buy Low’ or ‘Sell High’ at Multiple Degrees of Trend

Just like “location, location, location” is a mantra for any serious real estate investor, so is “buy low, sell high” for any serious trader.

Still, if you’ve ever considered buying a home, you know how easy it is to get lured by a snazzy kitchen and bathrooms at a house in a so-so neighborhood. It’s just as easy to forget to wait for the right moments to “buy low and sell high” when you’re trading.

The good news, in trading, is you have proven tools that can help you. Tools that will scream at you from the screen when it’s time to jump in or jump out.

This is what this online course teaches you. Over one hour, our own ex-Wall Street risk manager Wayne Gorman will make you better at recognizing trends on multiple degrees of trend.

That way, you can apply “buy low and sell high” to several, not just one, opportunities.

  • Format: On-Demand Course | 1 hour
  • Presenter: Wayne Gorman
  • Level: Intermediate

Get better, faster at spotting market tops and bottoms

“What’s the trend?” That’s where you start every trade consideration.

But trends are tricky. You can have a long-term bullish trend, and a short-term correction. Or a 2-hour mini-bubble that gets everyone excited — and then the bear hits hard again.

Now you can learn how to recognize trends of multiple degrees at once — and capitalize on several, not just one, opportunities.

In just 1 hour, with fresh real-life market examples you’ll learn

  • Why it pays to look at multiple degrees of trend
  • How to spot a tradable bottom (or top)
  • How to set a stop and a price target for multiple degrees of trend
  • How to spot the end of a trend — and your moment to jump out
  • And much more

Meet Your Instructor

Wayne GormanFormer Senior Trading Instructor

Wayne Gorman, CEWA-M, is a 40-year veteran risk manager and trader. He started out at Citibank, where he managed trading positions in money markets and derivatives. He traded full-time with his own capital for almost five years before. In 2013, Wayne co-authored the Amazon best-selling book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading, published by Bloomberg Press. Wayne is also the author of multiple EWI trading tutorials.

“…[E]very time I communicate with Wayne via email or private session, my analytical AND trading skills move to a new unanticipated level of mastery and understanding.

I have Wayne to thank for all my success as an analyst and trader.”

— Professor Aldo L., CEWA

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