Candlesticks: Why Other Chart Styles Don't Hold a Candle

Real Markets | Hands-on Insights | 1 Hour
Intermediate Level

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Candles + Elliott Waves = Perfect Match

If you know even the basics of the Wave Principle, you know how instantly it lets you analyze massive amounts of market data. That's because Elliott is, at its essence, a visual approach. And humans are wired to see patterns.

Japanese candlesticks let you go deeper -- and focus on a single price bar. Often, that single candle shows you immediately who controls the market: bulls, or bears.

So together, waves and candlesticks can give you a high-confidence view.

Spot the right candle, spot a setup

Jeffrey KennedyI'm Jeffrey Kennedy, your instructor for this on-demand course.

In this course, I show you how you can put candlesticks + wave patterns to good use -- and fast.

You'll see the basics, but we'll dig deeper too.

All in about 1 hour.

Expect practical, new knowledge

Expect to come away with a thorough understanding of how to combine candlesticks with Elliott waves -- and why that benefits a trader.

You'll learn to spot these key candle patterns on a chart:

Bullish/Bearish Engulfing

Dark Cloud Cover/Piercing Pattern

Morning/Evening Star

Three Inside Up/Down

Engulfing Shadow

When we're done, you'll be able to use your new-found knowledge in any liquid market on any timeframe.

I'll Show You ONLY Real-Market Charts

I always use real-market, real-time charts in my lessons -- because they give us the added benefit of seeing new moves as they emerge, so you can see how that happens in real time.

In this on-demand course, you'll see charts of EFX, ALB, WY, FIVE, DDD, RRC, PIPR LTW, MU, CBOE, FDX, GT, FB, and ZS.

After the course, expect to apply candles + Elliott waves with confidence.

Sound good?

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