How to Formulate a Solid Trade Plan and Know When to Pull the Trigger

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Trading doesn’t have to be scary

When you put your money on the line, you throw yourself at the mercy of the market. At least, that’s how it can feel. Its “unseen forces” can multiply your capital — or, destroy it. Fast.

We get it. That’s how it appears to every new trader. Especially after a couple of “lessons.”

We’ve been there. People on our team come from a variety of financial market backgrounds: analysts, traders, professional money managers, risk managers.

So, let us assure you that the fear of “the market’s unseen forces” starts to disappear the moment you develop a solid trading plan.

Our on-demand course can help, big time — in just 1 hour.

Expect results

In this 1 hour, on-demand course your instructor Jeffrey Kennedy shows you:

  • How to identify the critical elements of the proper trade setup
  • Why understanding the risk-reward relationship is so important — and easy to identify, using a simple technique he’ll show you
  • When to pull the trigger — objectively — and when to jump ship from a move — also objectively

Knowledge the pros use

Experienced traders know: Analyzing the markets and trading the markets are two different things and require two different skill sets.

Analysis is observation. Trading is action.

Put differently, the former takes knowledge. The latter takes resolve.

This on-demand course teaches you how to transition from pure analyst to trader.

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