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Explosive: Get Ready to Ride Triangles’ Thrusts

Real Markets | Hands-on Insights | 1 Hour | Intermediate Level

Triangles are everywhere

You don’t have to squint to see them. In every liquid market, on any timeframe, you see them all the time. The price swings wide, then narrower, then narrower… and then BOOM!

That BOOM is the price exploding out of the triangle in a very powerful thrust.

That’s what Elliott wave triangles are famous for.

Every trader wants to catch a move like that.

Let me show you how YOU can catch them, too.

Spot a triangle, spot a set-up

Triangles are my favorite Elliott pattern. And I’m not alone. They are high-confidence set-ups.

Why? They subdivide into a fixed number of sub waves, so you can easily see when they are about to end. So you can get ready… get ready… get ready… and then pounce.

Because you know that after a triangle ends, the price thrusts away from the triangle in the direction of the previous trend.

I’ll show you how to be ready for that, too.

In this course I show you how you can put this wave pattern to good use — and fast.

What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll see the basics, but we’ll dig deeper too. You’ll learn what triangles are, how to spot them on a price chart, what variations you should expect.

After the webinar, you’ll start seeing this wave pattern as a great opportunity.

I cover all of this in about 1 hour. When we’re done, you’ll be able to use your new-found knowledge in any liquid market on any timeframe.

Sound good?

About your analyst

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M, draws on more than 30 years of experience as an analyst, teacher and trader. He was an adjunct instructor for five years in the Quantitative and Computational Finance program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he taught technical analysis. He also co-authored the 2013 book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading. Jeffrey provided video forecasts and analysis for EWI’s Commodity Junctures Service on a Daily and Monthly basis. He produced video lessons for EWI’s popular Trader’s Classroom, an educational service that shows subscribers how to trade with wave analysis and supporting technical methods.

Expect practical, new knowledge

In about 1 hour, you’ll learn:

  • “What do I look for?” — I show you exactly what to look for to spot a triangle. Once you know this, it’s easy.
  • “When will it end?” — When a triangle ends, the larger trend resumes with a bang. You’ll learn how to anticipate precisely will end.
  • “Any variations?” — Most triangles are simple, but some are… well, different. You’ll see how to quickly distinguish one from another.

After the course, expect to apply this trade setup with confidence.

I’ll Show You ONLY Real-Market Charts

I always use real-market, real-time charts in my lessons — because they give us the added benefit of seeing new, real-time moves as they emerge, so you can see how that happens in real-time.

In this on-demand course, you’ll see charts of AAPL, ADBE, ADSK, ALB, AMBA, BDX and COKE.

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