Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Program - Fully Certified

The Certified Elliott Wave Analyst program confirms the highest level of proficiency and practical application of Elliott wave analysis for individuals and financial professionals. Work toward becoming an accredited expert in your field, and realize the benefits of your CEWA designation.

The following individuals passed all three CEWA exams to earn their CEWA designations. Those with CEWA-Masters designations passed all of the exams with a score of 90% or higher.

Daniel Agustinus

Daniel Agustinus, CEWA-M

B-Trade Trading Course, Indonesia
http://elliottician.btradetc.com/, @daniel.elliottician

October 2020

Saud A T Aldugmi

Saud A T Aldugmi, CEWA-M


April 2020

Kamal Ahmed Alhamidi

Kamal Ahmed Alhamidi, CEWA


May 2018

Khalid Alhanaki

Khalid Alhanaki, CEWA


June 2014

Sultan N Al Juaid

Sultan N Al Juaid, CEWA


May 2020

Majed A. ALsalemi

Majed A. ALsalemi, CEWA


March 2020

Fahad Al Subeaei

Fahad Al Subeaei, CEWA


January 2018

Mousa Altuwiher

Mousa Altuwiher, CEWA


June 2015

Ali Alvarado Atias

Ali Alvarado Atias, CEWA


March 2019

Marc Balfour

Marc Balfour, CEWA

https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbalfour/, @BalfourMarc

January 2021

Shinchoat Chaiya

Shinchoat Chaiya, CEWA-M

Technical Graph Analyst, Thailand

April 2017

Amit Date 

Amit Date, CEWA


May 2019

Azizul Hakimin

Azizul Hakimin, CEWA

Member of Malaysia Association Of Technical Analyst (MATA)
CIMB Investment Bank, Malaysia

August 2021

Mohamed Rajaie bin Abd Halim

Mohamed Rajaie bin Abd Halim, CEWA

Elliott Wave Malaysia

August 2021

Jolene Li Sing How

Jolene Li Sing How, CEWA

AfrAsia Bank

August 2020

Ian Huddart

Ian Huddart, CEWA

July 2020

BS Katal

BS Katal, CEWA

India, Independent tech analyst and trader

June 2021

May Leung

May Leung, CEWA


November 2020

Tigran Mandalian

Tigran Mandalian, CEWA


July 2022

Ihad Maximous

Ihad Maximous, CEWA

March 2016

Laszlo Nagyferenczi

Laszlo Nagyferenczi, CEWA


November 2014

Supalerk Pattanachotchaiyawongsa

Supalerk Pattanachotchaiyawongsa, CEWA

Elliott Wave Lecturer

November 2020

Favio Poci

Favio Poci, CEWA


March 2021

Wijen Pontus

Wijen Pontus, CEWA

CEO PT. Kanaka Hita Solvera, Founder B-Trade TC Indonesia, CTA
www.btradetc.com, @wijen.elliottician

November 2020

Nattanont Rojviroj

Nattanont Rojviroj, CEWA

CEWA Technical Analyst and Trader

August 2020

Ivan Rosanova

Ivan Rosanova, CEWA


August 2022

Arveeseck Sharma Seewoolall 

Arveeseck Sharma Seewoolall, CEWA

Senior Credit Analyst, Afrasia Bank Ltd

February 2022

Alexandr Sokolov 

Alexandr Sokolov, CEWA

April 2019

Hansen Sutjiadi

Hansen Sutjiadi, CEWA

Co-Founder of AlienTrade, Indonesia
Instragram: @hansensutjiadi, @alientrade.id

May 2022

Tony Talon

Tony Talon, CEWA-M


December 2019

Nicolas Themistocli

Nicolas Themistocli, FCA, CFA, CEWA


March 2021

Pragasit Thitaram

Pragasit Thitaram, CEWA

Stock2morrow Co., Ltd.

November 2017

Peerapol Torwong

Peerapol Torwong, CEWA-M


December 2018

Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner, CEWA-M


August 2016