EWI’s Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Program

The Definitive Certification for Elliott Wave Professionals

Code of Ethics

Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Candidates are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, in which they promise to keep all CEWA information confidential.

Furthermore, to maintain the highest integrity of Elliott Wave International, the CEWA designation and its holders, EWI enforces a code of ethics for its Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Program. Any form of misconduct, professional and/or personal, may be considered grounds for Elliott Wave International to revoke CEWA credentials. Further, violations may result in disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to notifying other professional technical analysis associations and/or legal action.

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  • Exam I Prep Course ($200 value) — Live Q&A June 12, 2024



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  • Exam I Prep Course ($200 value) — Live Q&A June 12, 2024
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