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How Two Possible Moves CAN Mean Opportunity

How can you see the market from a different perspective? "Degrees of trend" means exactly that -- it can be as simple as a daily vs. an hourly chart. See the difference for yourself in EURUSD, and (as analyst Jim Martens explains) how that "difference" can mean opportunity.

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This Price Pattern Can Prepare You for Swift Moves

In this episode of ETV, Murray Gunn -- EWI's European Short Term Update Editor -- teaches you about one Elliott wave pattern that can prepare you for explosive moves in your markets.


Trading Bonds: Watch Futures (price) or Yields?

When it comes to the bond market, Jordan Kotick is a "pro's pro" -- a former bond trader, economist and Head of Cross Asset Strategy. He says, "Watch Price or Yields?" is a question he hears repeatedly. Watch and listen to his answer to that question.

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Would You Lend YOUR Money... for 98 Years, at 1.2%?

Something's happening in the global credit markets that has never happened before. For starters, the amount of negative-yield bonds has just hit an all-time high. Yes, bonds that you buy -- and pay the ISSUER for the privilege -- have never been more popular. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. For more, watch this 4-minute video by our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Brian Whitmer. You'll also discover what country just sold a 98-year bond at 1.2%... and what it all means.

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Add This Price Pattern to Your Trading Arsenal

One of the easiest Elliott wave patterns to spot on a price chart is an ending diagonal.

It looks like an arrow. And when it ends, prices reverse fast back to its origin.

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Bitcoin: $13,868… $9,651…$13,202… What's Next?

Pop quiz. Do you know when Bitcoin's daily trading volume hit an all-time high: at the 2017 peak near $20,000 -- or at this year's peak near $14,000? Watch to get the answer and learn more about Bitcoin's latest ups and downs.