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How to Put Market Corrections to Good Use

When you first learn Elliott wave analysis, the one move you always want to catch is wave 3. After all, it's the strongest and usually longest part of the basic wave pattern. But HOW exactly do you catch one? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor Nady Laymoud show how he uses market corrections to answer that question. (U.S. 30-Year Treasury Bonds in focus).

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Indian Stocks: Will Sensex Crack 100,000?

Indian stocks have done better than many other global markets lately. That fits our Elliott wave forecast first made back in 2008. But does the Sensex have what it takes to overpower global turmoil and keep rising? Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski touch on that as he walks you through a long-term Sensex chart.


With the yields on the 3-month U.S. T-bill at their highest in 22 years, "IT'S GO TIME," says our new, September Financial Forecast. Watch FF co-editor Peter Kendall walk you through an eye-opener of a chart stretching back to the 1990s to explain what "go" means.

Volatility Is at 3-Year Lows. Is That a Bullish Sign?

Watch as our monthly European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer gives you a peek inside the new, September issue -- and mentions one market that "impacts every other market on the planet."

U.S. Corporations: All Gain, No Pain?

Although bond yields and interest rates have spiked, corporate borrowers have yet to feel the pain. Why? Our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray Gunn, explains.

China: “Most Important Story”

As the world worries about China's economy, banking and real estate, our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski points out that the worries are taking place against a noteworthy backdrop in China's stocks -- watch.