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Russia & China Flex Military Muscle: Why Now?

Vostok-2018 is the largest ever joint military exercise between Russia and China. ElliottWaveTV's Vadim Pokhlebkin asked our Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, if the timing of Vostok-2018 came as a surprise. (Spoiler alert: It did not.)

Is Gold Passé as an Investment Class?

Gold is to currencies what Facebook is to social media: passé… or is it? ElliottWaveTV's Dana Weeks sat down with our Metals Pro Service editor, Tom Denham, to get his take.

Bitcoin: Making Sense of a Market "No One Understands"

"If you ask 10 people to explain how cryptocurrencies work, you'll get 10 blank stares. So, how can anyone forecast a market no one really understands?" Find out the answer to this and other point-blank questions in this insightful ElliottWaveTV interview with the co-author of our new, free Crypto Trading Guide, Jim Martens.

EURUSD: A New Sentiment Extreme Sends a Clear Message

Over the past few months, everyone has grown comfortable with the idea of a strengthening U.S. dollar. Perhaps too comfortable? ElliottWaveTV sat down with Jim Martens, long-time editor of our Currency Pro Service, to get his take.

4 Elements to Remove Fear from Your Trading

Listen to Jeffrey Kennedy, the instructor of our upcoming live online course, "4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading," explain the four pillars of his trading approach and why anyone -- newbie to market veteran -- can benefit from using it.

Bitcoin: Is the Recent Rally Just a Flash in the Pan?

On Tuesday (July 17), Bitcoin rallied sharply. ElliottWaveTV called Jim Martens, long-time editor of our Currency Pro Service, to get his take.