You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Gold's March 23 Surge: How the Fed's Stimulus Fits In

On March 23rd, gold rose 5 percent: News stories (of course) cited the Fed's stimulus "cannon shot." YET: Our Metals Pro Service forecast gold's big move on March 20th. See the chart and quote for yourself.

YETI Stock, and How Traders Can Manage Risk in Combustible Times

From February 4th thru March 18th, YETI's share price plunged nearly 60 percent: Now see the Trader's Classroom forecast that caught most of the huge move down.

How to Anticipate a 15-Percent+ Decline in Gold, Before It Happens

Stocks were plummeting, and a bearish stock market is supposedly bullish for gold (that's the conventional wisdom). Now see what the non-conventional wisdom said.

When and Why We Said "… Stocks Should Gap Down at Monday's Open."

On March 13, Steve Hochberg and Robert Prechter also saw an unusual "Recurring Pattern" in the Dow: They presented it to subscribers that day. See what they saw, right now.

S&P 500: How Elliott Wave Analysis Shows WHEN the "Countertrend Higher" is Over

How do you know when the bounce is over and that the larger down trend is about to resume? This Chart of the Day shows that the answer can be as simple as A B C.

Crude Awakening: The Real Catalyst for Oil's Crash Isn't What You Think

NYMEX crude oil has been slashed in half since the start of 2020, with prices circling the drain of a four-year low on March 9. Mainstream fingers point to COVID-19, OPEC+ tensions, Saudi price cuts, and a U.S. travel ban -- as the catalysts for oil's "bloodbath." Our story shows why none of them fit the bill -- and what the real cause is.

A Case Study in Calling the Top: See the Charts and Quotes

The crushing decline in the blue-chip indexes began in February: Our subscribers were ready. Yet Robert Prechter's Broad Market chart shows how the turn began before the Dow and S&P 500 went south.

Crude Oil's Nearly 50% Plunge from the February High: Why OPEC+ Is Not to Blame

When stocks fall hard, gold is "supposed" to rally big. Yet, in late February, stocks AND gold BOTH saw major losses. See the forecast that got gold right, before the fall.

What Good Did the Fed Do? A One-Day Case Study

On March 3rd, the Fed announced a 1/2 percent rate cut. The Wall Street Journal called it a "booster shot." We take a close look at whether the market followed the Fed's "booster" effort, and at the evidence regarding exactly who follows who?


Coronavirus: Opportunities in the Chaos

Is the coronavirus to blame for the recent market mayhem? Might the chaos present opportunities for astute investors? EWI's Chief Asian-Pacific Analyst Mark Galasiewski and Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert explain how you can get answers.

What We Said -- and Showed -- Before and After the Big Stock Market Fall

You've read it before, you'll read it again: Stocks fell on coronavirus fears. That’s the noise, now get the signal: time-tested indicators and chart patterns that anticipated the big fall beforehand.

This Elliott Wave Pattern Should Make Your "Heart Flutter" -- See Why

There is a chart pattern that only appears at one specific point in the trend: when the market has gone "too far, too fast." Watch our European Short Term Update editor show you this pattern in the German DAX -- and explain its implications.

U.S. Stocks Pro Service Forecast the Decline (Including Extended Hours!)

See the difference in "extended hours" vs. regular trading hours, PLUS how Elliott Wave analysis put subscribers in BOTH scenarios on the right side of this week's huge stock market move.

Finding a Path in Crude Oil Amidst the Coronavirus Panic

Official warnings about the corona virus began on January 1st. Yet, crude oil prices were mostly higher in February, until the 54.66 peak on Feb. 20th: That day, our Energy Pro Service showed a crude oil chart with a down arrow and said "[A] top of some magnitude is in place."

"What Were You Reading?" The Flash Service Chart Before the Big Decline

On February 24th, the U.S. stock market saw a huge one-day decline. Headlines blamed the coronavirus ... yet those stories are badly mistaken. Now see what did anticipate the big decline, days before it happened.