You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

U.S. Steel (X) Hits 1-Year High: Where Human Logic Fails, Elliott Wave Pattern Prevails

Last September, steel prices were circling the drain of 1-year lows after plunging 40%-plus from the year's highs. Mainstream perception was deeply divided about where U.S. Steel Corp. (X) was headed. But the Elliott wave pattern pointed in one direction -- see why.


Trend vs. Trend Correction: How to Spot the Difference

"The trend is your friend," they say, but how many times have you jumped into a move thinking it WAS the trend -- only to see the market turn around and retrace the entire move? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain how he deals with this problem.

Manic "SPAC"-ulation: For Our Long-Time Readers, the Crash Came as No Surprise

In 2020-1, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) were all the rage on Wall Street. These reverse IPOs raised money in a theoretical future company first, and then, sought to find that company after. What could go wrong? For us, everything.


"Why the Triangle is my favorite Elliott wave pattern"

USD/CAD, USD/JPY in focus: See how a single high-confidence Elliott wave price pattern helps you define both risk and reward in this new video by our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden.

Market Trek: Silicon Valley Bank and "The Great Purge"

The "binge and purge" credit cycle dates back decades. It goes like this: When interest rates are low, people binge on credit. When the rates rise... yep, you got it. Watch Market Trek Brian Whitmer show you an eye-opener of a chart going back to the 1960s -- and explain how the Silicon Valley Bank collapse fits in the cycle.

Housing Recession? This Homebuilding Stock Says, "I Ain't Scared."

In mid-2022, pretty much every measure of U.S. housing market health came tumbling down. But none of that factored into the Elliott wave assessment of where the 4th largest U.S. homebuilding stock (NVR, Inc.) was headed. Namely, through the roof! Here's why...

Flash Service: Our Bitcoin Rally Forecast, January-February

The extreme Bitcoin declines in 2022 seemed like the dominant story for this crypto as 2023 began. Yet we looked for the potential end of the decline: Now see what we saw.

What Fueled Cocoa's Recent Surge? A Lack of Beans OR Bullish "Triangle"? You Decide

On Feb. 15, Ivory Coast exporters reported a massive supply deficit. And cocoa bulls cheered as prices soared to 1-year highs. But wait, cocoa's uptrend got started a week earlier. The bean shortage bombshell hadn't dropped yet. But the bullish Elliott wave message had.

How Trend Channels Can Help You Navigate Financial Markets

Drawing a trend channel on a price chart can help you establish price targets and determine a likely trend. In this instance, prices peaked on the very day that the price hit the top line of this commodity's trend channel.


AAPL and TSLA: How Elliott Wave Triangles Show You What's Next

Textbook Elliott wave patterns and real-life price patterns sometimes don't look quite the same. Real life, after all, is messy. But "messy" doesn't mean "unpredictable." Watch our Trader's Classroom editor Robert Kelley walk you through recent triangle wave patterns in AAPL and TSLA and show how to put them to use in real time.

META vs. “Fundamentals”: Guess Who Won?

Last October, tech giant Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook) plunged to a 6-year low. All “fundamental” signs pointed the virtual reality maker in a very real downtrend. But META didn't follow its bearish orders. Something else was in control all along.

Market Trek: "Hedge Fund Masquerading as a Central Bank"

Something weird has been happening at the Swiss Central Bank. It has just reported its biggest loss in history -- and missed its annual dividend payment (for the 2nd time!). What's going on with the "world's most conservative central bank"? Watch Market Trek host Brian Whitmer show you a couple of charts and dig into the concept of perceived risk vs. actual risk.

Crude Oil Couldn’t Care Less About “Fundamentals”

Observers of the crude oil market regularly cite "fundamentals" as the reasons for anticipating a rise or fall in prices. Yet, history shows that the oil market consensus is often wrong at major turning points. On the other hand, the Elliott wave method has a strong track record with these same oil market junctures. Look at this example.

Flash Service Forecast: What We Said Before Nvidia's 40-percent-plus Jan-Feb Rally

See what our Flash service subscribers saw, before NVDA's huge rally began in January.

Bitcoin’s Elliott Wave Pattern: Believe What You SEE, Not Hear

Bitcoin has taken investors on an extraordinarily wild ride over the past few years. Elliott wave analysis has been there to catch many of the turns. Yet, "fundamental" analysis seems to have fallen short at key junctures. Here's an example or two.