You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

German Bunds: A Foreign Market, a Familiar Pattern

Our fans often ask, "Can I apply Elliott waves to... [fill in the market name]?" The answer is always -- yes! Use them in any freely traded, liquid market. For example, watch our Interest Rates Pro Service contributor walk you through his recent call in Bunds, Germany's equivalent of the U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Gold May Be on Fire, But a Drone Strike Did NOT Light the Keg

What explains the big gold rally? Everyone has the same "easy" answer, namely hostilities between the U.S. and Iran. But now see the forecast that anticipated the rally before any "hostilities" even happened.

Canada Goose: "What If" You Could Have Seen Where Prices are Today -- One Year AGO!

A year ago, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy saw a simple Elliott Wave pattern for Canada Goose (GOOS) and made a long-term forecast. See the "before and after" for yourself, via this Chart of the Day.


Learn 4 Types of Price Gaps -- and Predict Trends Better

You've seen them: Those blank spaces on a chart where the price "jumps" so fast that it leaves a gap behind. Price gaps. Did you know there are 4 types of gaps? Watch our Trader's Classroom editor show you how to put them to good use.

Gold's "Fairytale 2019 Run": A Happily Ever BEFORE Story for Elliott Analysis

Back in the January 2019 Monthly Commodity Junctures, editor Jeffrey Kennedy published his year-end forecasts for gold. There, Jeffrey anticipated the comeback of the precious metal, with price targets. See what he told subscribers nearly one year ago.

British Pound Gets Pounded: Will the Real Reason for the Fall Please Stand Up

On Dec. 16, the British pound suffered its biggest one-day drop in a year. Mainstream sources say the currency was burned by Boris Johnson's "reckless" Brexit revision -- also announced that day. By all Elliott wave accounts, the pound's intraday "cliff edge" was set up much earlier -- on Dec. 13!

Sony Corp. Soars to an 18-Year High: A Day in the Life of Elliott Wave Analysis

After a 30 percent decline into March 2019, the conventional wisdom was "thumbs down" on electronics giant Sony (SNE). Now see the forecast that called a huge turn, with a rally that carried Sony to its highest price in years.


How to Build an "Open-and-Shut" Case for a Trade

Glance at a chart. Are you bullish or bearish? Wait! Yes, sometimes it's clear at first glance. But most of the time, you must slow down and "build a case" for your trade. Watch as our Trader's Classroom editor shows you how to do it using GDX (Gold Miners ETF) as his example.

Want to Identify Market Trends? Watch Elliott Wave Analysis at Work

To understand Elliott wave analysis at work in actual world markets, let's review the recent history in an often-volatile commodity markets: sugar.

Natural Gas Rise & Fall, As Forecast in THREE Levels of Pattern Recognition

The recent rise and fall of natural gas saw 3 patterns at work: A triangle, a five-wave move, and an ‘Island Reversal.’ See them all for yourself, right now.

Target Stock: High-Confidence Trading is Always in Season

Do recent sales data drive a retail company's share price? See a case-in-point that answers this question -- and lots more -- for the big retailer, Target (TGT).

Disney: The Happiest Stock on Earth... Here's the Real Reason Why

A careful look at Disney's share price shows that its record-breaking rally launched BEFORE the favorable news on November 13. See how investors could have anticipated Disney's powerful upside move.

How Do YOU Know the Direction of a Market's Larger Trend?

Fundamental analysis versus Elliott wave analysis: the winner for predicting the 9-year long commodity bear market is clear.

Travelers Companies' (TRV) 8% Crash: Bad Earnings Report, Or…?

October 2019 saw insurance giant Travelers Companies' stock plummet 12% to an eight-month low. Mainstream analysis cited a "lukewarm" Q3 earnings report for the selloff. But was there a way to anticipate Travelers' crash before then? Yes, as it happens.


Boeing (BA): "The story is not over."

On October 10, shares of Boeing (NYSE; BA) closed at $371. That day, our Trader's Classroom told subscribers that BA was set to decline. On October 21, BA fell to $331, an 11% drop. What's next for BA? Watch this free video for answers.