You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Triangles Are Everywhere! (NYSE: TSN)

You've seen those moments on price charts. First, the price swings wide. Then it swings more narrowly. Then the sideways swings get smaller and smaller, until... boom! Prices spike.

USDJPY at 5-Week Highs: This Is NOT a Market “Moved by Trade Talks”

On September 10, the U.S. dollar soared to a 5-week high against the Japanese yen. In fact, the USDJPY rally has been consistent since August 26. Analysts blamed the yen weakness on its “reduced safe-haven appeal” due to the lack of any consistency in the U.S.-China trade talks. So, how could the latter be the cause of the former? Answer: It can't. We have a good idea of what can.

Dollar General: Seeing the Bullish Trend BEFORE Q2 "Crushed" It

Dollar General's Q2 earnings report published Aug. 29th: Yet two weeks earlier, Trader's Classroom showed a bullish Elliott Wave set-up on DG's price chart. See it now in Chart of the Day.

How (Not) to Track Copper Prices Using U.S.- China Trade Talks

If you want to know where copper prices are headed, check the pulse of the U.S.-China trade war -- right? Well, that's what mainstream analysis tells you. But when copper prices topped in mid-July, and then bottomed on September 3, trade talks were all over the map. Elliott wave analysis, however, foresaw both turns with time to spare.


ROKU Hits New Record! When Did You Get on This "Runaway Train"?

With Roku, Inc. shares soaring 370% in 2019 to become the world's #1 TV streaming service, one analyst dubbed the company a "runaway train" on August 8. Here's what helped our Trader's Classroom subscribers get on this "train" back in May.


How NOT to Panic When Looking at a New Price Chart

You ever find yourself staring at a price chart and not knowing how to read it?

It's easy to feel a little panicked at moments like that. In fact, says, the editor of our Trader's Classroom Jeffrey Kennedy, he used to feel that way almost all the time.


4 Tools to help You Spot Stock Market Tops

Could you have spotted the August reversal in stocks -- before it happened? Only the hindsight is 20/20, of course -- but even so, there are tools you can employ to spot trend reversals with high confidence.

Ethereum Kissed $200 Support Goodbye. Do You Know the Real Reason Why?

Just one week ago, Ethereum traders were basking in the glow of bullish news reports and elevated price forecasts. But then, ETH went against its bullish script and plunged more than $60 – a 25% sell-off! -- to a multi-month low. What you need to know, however, is that the cryptocurrency followed its Elliott wave script to a "T."

Oil Prices: Thar She Woes! A Slump Like A Melting Snow Hill

At the end of July, the conventional wisdom saw higher prices for the crude oil market. Now see the chart and forecast that show why Elliott Wave analysis (rightly) saw otherwise.


Elliott Waves: "Simple" Does the Trick

You may have heard that Elliott wave analysis is "complicated." It can be -- just about anything could be made complicated.

TEVA Stock: What a Long, Bad Trip It's Been

In October 2018, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy said pharma giant Teva was in danger of falling below a boundary line that would push prices "below $10 a share." In turn, the stock fell to 17-year lows, before Teva’s negative fundamentals made news.


"Pinch Me": How to Build Your Ideal, Custom Technical Indicator Page

You know that there are hundreds of technical market indicators out there. Some of the most popular include oscillators, moving averages, trend channels... You've also seen names like MACD, SMI and Stochastics that some traders swear by.

The Dollar-Yuan: How We Showed "Tomorrow's News Today"

On August 2nd the Dollar-Yuan went vertical, and a flood of news stories then explained "why." Now see the August 1st forecast that called the move before it happened.

[UPDATED] The "Down Arrow" in the Dow We Showed Subscribers on July 29th

See the forecast and chart (complete with the directional arrow) we showed subscribers well before the "trade wars" story supposedly drove down the Dow.

Is Bitcoin Really in A World of its Own? Why It Matters to Your Portfolio

Conventional financial wisdom claims that bitcoin's performance is "not correlated" with that of Blue-Chip stock indexes. This claim is easy enough to check: See the evidence for yourself.