You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

EURGBP: Did the "Brexit Row" Really Push the Pound to a 6-Month Low? (Fat Chance …)

The correction in the pound began on September 1, before "No-Deal Brexit." See how forex traders could indeed have anticipated the pound's rout vs. the euro before it began.


Ethereum: "Then, an interesting thing happened."

ETH is second only to Bitcoin for market capitalization -- and it's been outperforming Bitcoin this year. Ethereum's August push higher fit a specific Elliott wave pattern -- and "then, an interesting thing happened." Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.


Crude Oil: See What Predicted the September Sell-Off

On Sept. 8, crude fell to $36 a barrel for the first time in months. Watch this clip from our Sept. 2 Energy Pro Service video forecast explaining why oil was destined to fall -- before the sell-off began. You'll also get a hint of what's next for oil prices.

AUDJPY: Aussie Dollar Reverses from 11-Year Low to 15-Month High: Didn't See THAT Coming... or Did You?

Back on March 20, Currency Pro Service said the Aussie Dollar-Japanese yen cross-rate had hit a low, and forecast a move up: Now see what happened in the months that followed. When “Bullish Fundamentals” Mean Exactly Squat

After trading sideways in July, JD stock broke out the upside in August, soaring 23% to record highs. According to the mainstream experts, the spark that lit the stock's rally occurred on August 13 and 17, with a barrage of bullish data. We dare to offer a second opinion.

Apple, Inc. (AAPL): Trading Options with Elliott Waves

Options traders have it harder than, say, futures traders -- because not only do they have to nail the market's direction, but also the timing. Watch our U.S. Stocks Intraday Pro Service editor show you how Dynamic Trend software helps tackle the task.

Options Traders Keep “Opting” for Even Higher Stock Market Prices

The dot-com bubble of the late 1990s is notable in financial history because of the unprecedented sentiment extremes that it created. Today, some of those “extremes” are being challenged -- again. Get the details.

Come Out of the Pandemic in the Best (Trading) Shape of Your Life – Here’s How

Lots of people saw trading as a way to “make money from home” at the start of the pandemic. But now, the getting-rich-quick-on-stocks fantasy is giving way to a more realistic plan: namely, learning to identify high-confidence trade setups while minimizing risk in bull and bear markets. Right now, we have just the resource to achieve this: our September 3-9 Trader Education Week -- and, it's FREE!

Bitcoin's Rally to 1-Year Highs: Break the Chain of Fundamental Analysis to Succeed

After the big March low, what drove Bitcoin's recovery? NOT the fundamentals cited by the mainstream. The answer is all about pattern recognition - which anticipated the big rally.

Junk Bond Yields vs. Small Business Loans: Main Street and Wall Street Diverge

Two major financial trends have diverged for the first time in twenty-plus years. Investors believe the Fed can avoid a credit crunch, but bankers … not so much. See the chart for yourself.

Dollar General: Seeing the Stock's "Hot" Potential Long Before the Bullish Fire Returned

On March 26, Trader's Classroom showed subscribers that a low was likely in for Dollar General: See it for yourself, and the big rally that followed.

TSLA: "I know I will get laughed at, but…"

Back in February, TSLA's Elliott wave patterns called for a rally to "$1157." Our Trader's Classroom editor says he got laughed at after giving that target. Now watch his June 30 bullish update that called for "$1750, or even as high as…" Well, see for yourself.


Chainlink: A Crypto That's "Never Had a Bear Market"

LINK has been a hot item in the cryptocurrency trading world. It now has a larger market cap than Bitcoin Cash. Our Crypto Pro Service editor looks at LINK's 1000% rally since March.


Trade Options? Two Strategies That Work with Elliott Waves

Robert Kelley, the editor of our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service, has been involved with options and Elliott waves since 1986. Watch as he explains two strategies that can work with clear Elliott wave counts. Markets in focus: S&P 500 and Boeing (BA).

Five Dollar Pairs, Five Opportunities Unfolded as Forecast

This story includes more than one chart: the triangle pattern unfolded in five U.S. Dollar currency pairs, all in the month of August. See it for yourself, in Chart of the Day.