You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

A Goldman Sachs Comeback: A Different Kind of Uprising... In Price!

While some Goldman Sachs employees are shouting "Heck No! We Won't Go!" -- the bank's stock price is chanting, "Heck Yes! We Will Grow!" amidst a rally to record highs. Turns out, GS's 2021 comeback is exactly what Elliott wave analysis called for -- back in December 2020!

This Altcoin is Everywhere Right Now, But Was on our Radar 8 Months Ago

Only recently did the Chainlink crypto became all the rage -- yet, our Crypto Pro Service presented the opportunity to subscribers on January 15, 2021. See the story for yourself now.


Natural Gas at a 7-Year High: More Than a Flash in the Pan?

Natgas prices busted above the $5 mark recently, and lots of people are paying attention -- from traders and investors to all of us who cook and heat our homes with gas. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you what Elliott waves suggest about the potential from here.


CAC-40: How Wave Guidelines Fine-Tune Your Forecast

Elliott wave analysis has three strict rules and a handful of guidelines -- and it's the guidelines that can often help you add more precision to your forecast. Watch our Head of Global Strategy show you how by looking at the French CAC-40 stock index.

Gold Soars on Jobs Miss/Gold Sinks on Jobs Miss: Confused as a Beaver in a Brickyard

News reports said the Sept. 3 labor data was bullish AND then bearish for gold? Did they think we wouldn't notice? See a real forecast for a change, in Chart of the Day.

China, India: Richer or Poorer?

Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, explain whether China and India are headed for "wealth creation" or "wealth destruction" in the years ahead.

Wheat's Bullish Trend Follows a Script 5 Years in the Making

In June 2016, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy showed subscribers a clear, long-term bullish set-up for wheat -- an Elliott wave diagonal triangle underway. See what happened when the trend did exactly what it was supposed to.


Nikkei, KOSPI, Taiwan, Nifty: See What Wave Is Underway

At the time of recent choppiness across the Asian-Pacific markets, Elliott waves helped us see a correction underway -- and forecast a rally. Now that markets are indeed moving higher, let our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor update you on the wave pattern underway.


Japanese Yen: What’s Next for “Safe Haven” Currency?

When volatility hits and money runs scared, one place it goes into are assets denominated in the Japanese yen. So, what do Elliott waves suggest for the yen next -- and by extension, what does it suggest for the market environment? Our cross-currency FX analyst explains.

Just How DO You Spot High-Confidence Trade Setups?

Like a detective puts together a picture of a crime one small detail at a time, so does a careful trader "build a case" for a confident market setup. Watch our Commodity Junctures editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, walk you through a chart of cocoa to show you how he does it.

Has Margin Debt Reached 'High Tide'? (plus what 'low tide' may look like)

In March 2020, margin debt began a 16 month uptrend that reached $882 billion, far above any previous peak. This is an unprecedented extreme, but what now? Watch Chart of the Day.

Will Oil Prices Skyrocket in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida?

Will oil prices zoom higher in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida? Well, the disruption in oil production was far worse sixteen years earlier with Hurricane Katrina. Let's review what happened with oil prices then.

Natural Gas's Summer Heatwave: An "Unpredictable" Turn of Events?

Energy Pro Service prepared subscribers for the near-term Natural Gas rally, and for its longer-term price gains back in April. See it for yourself.


Cardano: A Realistic Way to Handle Competing Elliott Wave Counts

There are no guarantees in financial markets, and Elliott wave analysis likewise deals only in probabilities, not certainties. Sometimes, two opposing wave counts on a price chart appear equally likely. Watch our Crypto Pro Service guide walk you through Cardano's recent wave juncture to offer a practical way to pick the right count.

Credit Spreads: See What the Canary Says Now About the Stock Market "Coal Mine"

Can junk bonds and Treasuries tell us what's next in the stock market trend? Our chart show you the evidence in this Chart of the Day.