You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

EURUSD Down But Germany Did NOT Cast the Bearish Shadow

After-the-fact news stories said bad economic news drove EURUSD lower. Now see the chart and forecast that called the move BEFORE it happened.

Big Gain in Cryptocurrency: Anticipating a 20 Percent Move

In this interview, Chief Currency Strategist Jim Martens shows the patterns and forecast that anticipated the major recent move in Litecoin. Jim also discusses the trend from here.

"Jaw Dropping Setback" -- Fintech Forecast, Before the Jaws Dropped

The Fintech Index had more than doubled since 2016 -- yet Brian Whitmer forecast a major decline. Listen and see what Brian saw, before the big decline that followed.

How to Forecast a "Years-Long Bear Market" in Commodities

In this interview with Dana Weeks, Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy gives the big-picture details of an even bigger forecast in commodities ... back in 2011.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: An Elliott Wave Forecast Worthy of the "Super Bowl of Science"

See the before and after: Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy recently forecast a big move, with clear Elliott Wave labels and a large "up" arrow.

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Complex Market Corrections: If You Can Learn This Part, the Rest is Gravy

Navigating a complex market corrections is the most difficult part of Elliott wave analysis. Want to learn how to overcome this obstacle? Then watch this exclusive, free video clip from our recent Trader's Classroom episode.

"From Fintech to Train Wreck"

Here’s an index that had more than doubled in less than two years, when our analyst issued a very bearish forecast. Now see what he saw, in Chart of the Day.

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Have FinTech Stocks Hit a Low...or Will the Train Wreck Get Worse?

In this excerpt from the just-published Global Market Perspective, European analyst Brian Whitmer follows up on his forecast for the global financial technology sector.

Commodity Bear Market: Lost Decade or Found Opportunity?

When’s the last time you looked at a chart and forecast that correctly anticipated a seven-year trend? See a case-in-point for yourself, in this Chart of the Day.

Crude Oil Prices: Rethinking the Sanctions Effect

In late 2018, US-imposed sanctions on Iran were supposed to push oil prices to $90, $100, even $200 per barrel. Instead, U.S. crude plummeted 40% to a 17-month low. Elliott wave analysis sets the record straight.

Is the "80/20" Trading Method Right for You?

Market speculation is not for everyone. It's risky, it's stressful, it's just plain hard. Yet, Dick Diamond's method helped him do it for 48 years. Is it right for you? Only you can answer that.

Todd Gordon on Trading Options: Disney, Cronos, and How to "Be Wrong for a Little Bit."

Trader and CNBC contributor Todd Gordon tells it like it is, in a wonderfully in-depth interview with EWI's Dana Weeks.

"80/20": A Note from the "Trade Small, Win Often" Course Host

The "80/20" trading method Dick Diamond perfected over his 48-year career is less about a set of market indicators -- and more about the personal discipline to stick to them. Watch.

Why Philip Morris Stock Went Up in Smoke

See the chart that anticipated the big decline in the share price of Philip Morris, three weeks before it happened.

Trader’s Classroom: “TWO Forecasts Go Extremely Well”

See the charts and forecasts in two completely different markets, as they unfolded after EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy offered specific analysis and forecasts.