You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

Feeder Cattle’s 2-year Long Rally Shows Why Market Forecasting is NOT Monkey Business

Are financial market trends "random"? Do "events" drive the turns and trends? See exactly how we answer these questions, via our forecast before the two-year rally in Feeder Cattle


FTX Collapsed. Why Did Most Cryptos Collapse with It?

The latest crypto market wipeout caught many players by surprise. Most cryptos are highly correlated to Bitcoin, and when it went down, the rest of them followed. But watch our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion, explain why BTC's wipeout was not an unexpected event -- and give you a hint at what's next.

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Gold

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has suggested that gold's price action -- both up and down -- has been due to the Fed. Yet, in Elliott Wave International's view, it's best to watch the yellow metal's Elliott wave pattern for clues about the next significant price move. Look at this chart.

GOOGL at 2-Year Low: The “Ghost” Is Clear for Another Big Opportunity

Between November 2021 and June, Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) fell over a cliff to a one-year low. But then, a seemingly bullish game-changer occurred in July -- an unheard of 20-1 stock split that was widely expected to restoke investor demand. So why did GOOGL turn down to even lower lows instead? Press "enter" to start playing.


How to "Uncomplicate" This Complicated Market

Bond markets are huge and intimidating, many investors believe. For starters, how about that "prices up/yields down" thing, and vice versa? But watch our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst show you how Elliott waves make light work of figuring out what's next. (In focus: German 10-year bond yields.)

Charter Inc. Stock (CHTR) Falls to 3-1/2-year Lows: Opportunity Came to Those Who Waited

Between April and early August, Charter Inc. stock was about as exciting as Napflix! But then, in mid-August, CHTR turned down in a sharp, 26% sell-off to 3-and-a-half year lows. For Elliott wavers, the stock's reversal was a prime example of an Elliott contracting triangle in action. You're gonna want to watch this from the beginning.

Flash Service: Our Fearless Bitcoin Forecast, June-October

This year has been a volatile financial environment, with cryptocurrencies the most volatile of all. Now see our EWAVES forecast for Bitcoin helped subscribers make volatility work for them.

China's IT Sector: "The most important story"

While the eyes of the world are fixed on Chinese politics, Elliotticians are watching the Chinese markets' wave patterns. Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski comment on a chart of China's CSI 300 Information Technology Index. this video.

Coffee’s Longest Sell-Off in 9 Years: Elliott Wave Analysis Served Up Hot

Late October saw coffee fall to its lowest level in 15 months. New about the sell-off wasn’t pretty ... yet the decline was not caused by "rainfall in Brazil" or any “fundamental” anomaly. It was market psychology, plain and simple. See the forecast that got it right.

The "Favorite Semiconductor Co. of 2021" Crashes in 2022! Mystery Solved

In late 2021 SYNA's share price had soared 250% to record highs: mainstream experts saw a bullish future ahead. Now see the chart and contrary forecast that got it right.


AMZN Beats Earnings Expectations...But Stock Falls?

In mid-October, AMZN was trading near $113, and its upcoming earnings report was looming large. On October 27, Q3 earnings report was a pleasant surprise... but AMZN fell anyway. Now watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy show you AMZN's Elliott wave pattern that called for the decline days in advance.


GOOGL: Here's Why a New Low Wasn't a Surprise

On October 27, GOOGL hit a new 52-week low. It's easy to say that the stock just got rolled into the broad tech sell-off. But watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy show you GOOGL's Elliott wave pattern that called for the decline days in advance.


Hong Kong Hang Seng: "Downside leader for some time"

Did you know that the U.S. stock market crashes of 1929, 1987 and the Hang Seng crash of 1997 all occurred during the moments of "autumn panic"? There is one other commonality between the three crashes, points out our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor Chris Carolan in his new video update.

FedEx (FDX) Missed Analyst Expectations. But it Met Its Elliott Wave Ones Head On

On September 27, transportation giant and Big Board bellwether stock FedEx (FDX) plunged to its lowest level since May 2020. See how it got here and discover a way to learn FDX's likely Elliott wave path into early 2023.

Hong Kong Hang Seng: Falling Like a Knife

On Monday, the Hang Seng fell to new 13-year low. News reports blamed it on the shake-up at the Communist Party of China's 20th National Congress. But the Congress ended this past weekend -- does that mean that stocks are done falling, too? Hear the answer our Asian-Pacific analyst Mark Galasiewski offers in this new video.