You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

This High-Confident Trade Set-up Makes for High-Confident Traders

"Confident trader." Ten-fifteen years ago, the idea used to be an oxymoron -- and now, it's a multi-billion self-help industry with everyone from Wall Street gurus to armchair experts offering their brand of motivational wisdom: trust falls, vision boards, brain retraining, positive visualization, mentorship, and so on.

USDZAR: The Rand Was Supposed to "Languish." So Why Did It Rally to 8-Month Highs?

The supposed "pro-Rand" news all came in the past month, yet the currency's uptrend has unfolded since April. See the forecast that saw the rally happening at the time.


Forex: How to Spot Reversals with Elliott Waves

Our Currency Pro Service editor, Jim Martens, has been applying the waves to the markets for over 30 years. In this video, he walks you through steps that help him answer one of the most frequent questions we get from subscribers: "How do I spot trend reversals using your method?" (USDCHF in focus.)


What NOT to Do When Using Elliott Waves (TSLA in Focus)

"If you do it wrong, you get it wrong," -- "it" being your market forecast. The long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom knows this well from his 25+ years of market experience. Watch him explain how to get it right using a fresh price chart of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)


Crude Oil and Natural Gas: Same Wave Pattern, OPPOSITE Implications

Elliott wave analysis is all about recognizing price patterns on a chart. Both crude oil and natural gas have recently served us great examples of classic wave patterns in action. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor walk you through his recent real-time forecasts -- and get an idea of what's likely next.

Bitcoin Soars to Multi-Year Highs: Sticks & Stones Blah, Blah BUT Names Will Never Hurt Thee

On October 15 and again on November 3, Crypto Pro Service showed subscribers clear Elliott Wave patterns pointing to a big Bitcoin rally. See the chart for yourself, now.

Big Moves, Both Directions in November: See What We Said about 10-Year Treasuries

Elliott Wave analysis is at its best in a volatile market: So far in November, our Pro Services intraday forecasts showed subscribers the opportunities along the way.


Bitcoin: 2020, Play-By-Play

Now that Bitcoin is trading near 3-year highs, you may be wondering: Will it take out its all-time high near $20000? There is a clear Elliott wave answer to that question. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor take you through Bitcoin's play-by-play that also hints strongly at what's next.

How Are YOU Enduring the Market's Gyrations? A Bottle of Bourbon? How About an Ounce of Preparation?

With the outcome of the U.S. presidential race in limbo, all-around uncertainty is at an all-time high. Some financial advisors have turned to the bottle as the stock market's fate (supposedly) hangs in the balance. In truth, the future of stock prices doesn't depend on election results -- but on patterns of investor psychology, which have been driving the stock market all along. Drink in this.

TSLA's 2020 Rally Was a “Fundamental” Fluke. But it Was No Elliott Wave Accident

2020 has been a spectacular year for electric vehicle king Tesla, whose stock soared 400%-plus to record highs into the last day of August. In October, however, one Wall Street analyst accused Tesla's historic bull run of "ignoring" bearish "fundamentals." If so, then what were prices paying attention to instead?

Dick Diamond’s 80/20 Method: "How to Enter and Exit a Trade"

In this 4-minute video clip from our popular online trading course, "Trade Small, Win Often: The Dick Diamond Method of Trading for a Living," Diamond shows you one of the technical indicator templates he uses to find trading opportunities. He'll show you what he looks for to enter the trade and his rules for exiting.

AUDCAD: When the Aussie Dollar Was Down for the Count, We Foresaw a Comeback -- Here's What Followed

AUDCAD began 2020 in a freefall. While headlines were telling traders to abandon ship, Elliott waves were sending a different message. This is a healthy reminder that today's trend can become tomorrow's turn.

The 80/20 Trade: Pounce Like a Cat

You must ambush high confidence trades. Long-time professional trader and teacher Dick Diamond always said patience is vital before the ambush. In 2011, EWI's Bob Stokes talked to Diamond about his famous 80/20 trade...

Crude Oil Erases Early October Gains: The "Key" Level that Made All the Difference

When crude oil prices broke below critical price support, our Energy Pro Service made sure subscribers were ready for the opportunity. See the chart and analysis right now.

Gold Miners ETF Soars to 7-Year High: When the "Opportunity" Was Really in Play

On March 26, our Metals Pro Service showed the ETF chart for a major gold mining company and said: price would head HIGHER. See the outcome, plus its more recent forecast.