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In our 44 years in the business, we’ve met all kinds of traders
and seen all kinds of trader-training programs.

Most of them have one thing in common: They over-promise and under-deliver.

Still, we have managed to find several excellent teachers over those years, beginning with legendary day trader Dick Diamond in 1986 and later identifying two other master instructors. When they retire, we don’t go around looking for new people. We wait until we cross paths with someone we think is qualified.

So, we were our usual cautious selves when Imre Gams, founder of Parallax Trading Masterclass, approached us. We watched, listened and asked a lot of questions.

The vetting took a few months.

Today, after all that poking around under the hood, we are convinced that Imre Gams’ Masterclass is an Elliott-wave-based, trader-training course worthy of your attention.

“Monetize your Elliott
wave count”

When we asked Imre to tell us what his trading course can do for traders, here’s how he put it:

“I’ve been trading since 2008. I’ve traded as a professional since 2016, managing private funds. Now I work exclusively as a trading performance coach while still trading my own money.

“I’ve seen a lot of traders struggle. As a guy who’s 100% dedicated to Elliott waves, the #1 problem I’ve seen again and again with wave traders is that they don’t know how to turn even a perfect Elliott wave count into a smart trading plan covering where to enter and exit, how to assess risk vs reward, and how to manage risk along the way, using Elliott-derived price levels.

“My team and I have helped over 3,000 traders do just that. So, that’s the solution my Parallax Trading Masterclass brings: We teach you what I think are the best ways to monetize your wave count — in any asset class, and with any type of trading vehicle — forex, cryptos, stocks, futures, or options.”

Imre Gams

We’ve taken a close look at Imre’s course

Imre is a young guy, only 33. But after 15 years of trading, he’s had a lifetime of experience.

We’ve studied his materials, and his training videos. We think his Masterclass delivers.

So, we’re adding him to that very small group of services we have been able to recommend over our four-decade history.

Read Imre’s Biography

Here’s one important reason we think you should consider Imre’s Masterclass

Imre and his team know that every trader has a unique personality. This uniqueness emerges in each trader’s investing goals and risk tolerances and should be integrated with their trading strategies. The trading style must match the person.

Parallax Trading Masterclass coaches work intently with students to help them develop their own personal trading style and develop step-by-step trading plans that work for each of them as individuals.

What Parallax Students Are Saying:

How the Masterclass experience will unfold


The Parallax Trading Masterclass involves a lot of one-on-one training. There is no need to wait for a class to fill up. You start as soon as you sign up. Imre and his team will reach out to you within 1 business day to answer any questions you have and get you started.


Expect your learning experience to last between 3 and 4 months. Some students need more training, some less. A lot depends on you — your familiarity with Elliott wave analysis, your diligence with the homework, your dedication and openness to figuring out the problems with your trading and willingness to solve them one-on-one with your coaches.

Warning: This Masterclass is A LOT of work

First of all, as with any such recommendation, you have to do your own due diligence. We really like what Imre’s course offers, but we know from experience that trading is hard and success is not guaranteed.

Brokers’ statistics show that over time, 96% of traders fail. To be among the 4% who make it, you must refuse to act like most traders.

That’s a lot of work. And Parallax coaches will make you work. They’ll call you, email you, give you homework – then follow up. Your coaches will dig into your personality and might ask some surprising questions, some you may not have thought of before.

The goal is practical: to help you shrug off any baggage that’s been weighing you down and embrace the positive steps that lead to improvement.

Just as your failures are your own, so too are your successes.They are accomplishments you can be proud of.

What You’ll Learn

You can mentally divide your training into two parts: 6-8 weeks learning how to perform actionable market analysis, then 6-8 weeks building your personal trading plan using real trades.

Module 1

A comprehensive review of the Elliott Wave Principle. You will learn what makes Elliott such a powerful trading methodology.

Alongside your Parallax coach, you will review the main Elliott wave concepts:

  • Impulse Waves
  • Corrective Patterns
  • The “Big 3” Rules
  • Important Guidelines to follow
  • And more

Module 1 sets the foundation for your future personalized trading plan

Module 2

You’ll learn other tools that complement your wave analysis:

  • Secondary indicators (such as MACD and RSI)
  • Momentum analysis
  • Fibonacci
  • Channeling
  • And more

You will see how a combination of simple technical analysis tools, when used correctly with the waves, can produce better results.

Module 3

This is where the rubber meets the road.

You will count waves in your market, in real time, with your Parallax coach.

Any questions you may have about wave counting will be answered directly in your one-on-one sessions.

Module 4

You’ll learn the “TEST” model, Parallax’s own strategy for managing trades.

By the end, you will know exactly how we think you should enter your trade, where to exit your trade, and how to manage things in between.

Module 5

Your Masterclass experience ends with a live review of your trades.

You and your Parallax coach will review your performance and scrutinize actual trades to find areas of improvement.

At the end of this stage, you will have a clear, actionable plan tailored to you that you can take to the markets. Trading is different for everybody, so Parallax builds your trading plan to fit YOU.

For traders, “there is only one shortcut”

In his classic essay, “What Every Trader Really Needs To Be Successful,” EWI’s founder and president Robert Prechter wrote years ago:

“The School of Hard Knocks is the only school that will teach you [how to trade], and the tuition is expensive.

“There is only one shortcut to obtaining [trading] experience, and that is to find a mentor. Locate someone who has proved himself over the years to be a successful trader or investor, and go visit him.

“This person does exist, but it is hard to find him. He will usually welcome the opportunity to tell you what he knows.”

We believe Parallax Trading Masterclass gives you that.

If for any reason, you come to think differently, let us know. Even though we charge Parallax for marketing, we want to continue doing so only if you and the majority of other customers are fully satisfied.

So far, every one of Parallax Trading Masterclass’ reviewers have given it high marks.

We figure that’s because Parallax is the only training program that gives Elliott wave traders the tools to develop a personalized trading plan. And the only one that trains people using real trades. We also don’t know of any other Elliott wave trading programs where you can pick up a phone and call your coach when you have a question, no matter what market you trade.

For all you get, the cost of this Masterclass is, in our view, downright cheap at $7,500.

If you want 3-4 months of personalized, active trading coaching for a reasonable price, this is the only place we know to get it.

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We are not currently accepting new coaching students. If you’re interested in joining the next Masterclass offering — or you’d simply like to learn more about the program — please contact us.