Starr Pitzer

Dick Diamond students often spoke highly of his method and of the man himself. Listen to this quick story by a former student who took the “80/20” course shortly before Diamond’s passing in 2015.

Rick Doehring

Rick Doehring took Dick Diamond’s trading course from the man himself back in 2012. Here in 2024, here are his thoughts about the 80/20 method, how long it took him to get comfortable using it, and some of the biggest lessons learned.

Ira Bershatsky

In 2020 we connected via Skype with one of Dick Diamond’s original students who took the course from the master himself back in 1991…

Paul Hotke

Paul Hotke owns his own CPA business and trades part-time to supplement his income. He took our “Trade Small, Win Often” course in February 2019.

Thomas Lasco

Thomas Lasco is a retired professional pilot. He trades full-time. He took our “Trade Small, Win Often” course in February 2019.

Tom Denham – Part 1

Tom Denham, long-time editor of our Metals Pro Service and veteran market analyst, decided to join our November 2020 class, “Trade Small, Win Often: The Dick Diamond Method of Trading for a Living.” Watch why Tom decided to join and what he expected from the course.

Tom Denham – Part 2

Tom Denham is no spring chicken. A seasoned market professional and long-time editor of our Metals Pro Service, he’s seen a thing or two. In November 2020, Tom took our “Trade Small, Win Often” course. Here are this market veteran’s thoughts about Diamond’s 80/20 method.

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