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In early 2019, we launched the first class of our “Trade Small, Win Often” course. Each session’s turnout was better than we expected and customers continue to ask when the next installment of the course will take place.

If you are interested in discovering the method Dick Diamond used to trade for a living and want us to notify you when we start promoting the next session, please leave us your email address.

Thank you for your interest, and happy trading.

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Vadim Pokhlebkin

Trade Small, Win Often

Dick Diamond’s Method of Trading for a Living

We know how frustrating it can be to find a reliable trading method.

By using his own 80/20 method — and consistent patience and discipline — our friend Dick Diamond made a living trading for 48 years.

No boss, no set schedule. Just minimizing risk, trading small … and winning often. This course gives you everything you need to trade like he did.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Unlocks February 28 at 9:00 am Eastern

Develop Your Trading Discipline & Learn Dick’s Tips and Strategies

(Video, 1 hr. 57 mins.)

Discipline is like a muscle: The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

In Module 1, you’ll see all of Dick’s time-honed strategies that develop the discipline you need to succeed as a trader. Dick reviews the rules he followed to keep from giving in to emotions that cause bad trading decisions and destroy so many traders: over-trading, betting too much, etc.

Learn as you watch:

  • How to develop rock-solid emotional discipline
  • How to determine your ideal position size
  • Why it’s good to leave a few “crumbs” on the table
  • How to focus on “getting on base,” not “home runs”
  • 4 disastrous trader traits to avoid
  • How to avoid outside opinions that can derail your decisions
  • Why not to pick tops and bottoms
  • How to quit when you can, not when you must
  • Why to ALWAYS use stops
  • And much more, 88 time-tested tips total.
PLUS, you get a seat to the Module 1 Live Review Webinar on march 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern.

If you cannot attend, you can review the recording at your convenience. And you can watch it as many times as you want.

unlocks march 7 at 9:00 am Eastern

Dick’s Tips for Trading Stocks, Options and Futures

(Video, 1 hr. 55 mins.)

Now that you’ve learned in Module 1 how to maintain emotional discipline, Dick gives you trading tips from his 48-year career for squeezing the most of opportunities in stocks, options and futures. He then reviews his trading indicator templates and shows you how to identify his famous “80/20” trade setups.

Learn as you watch:

  • How to pick the right stocks to trade — and when to trade them
  • How to choose best stocks within a sector
  • How to “trend-play” using options
  • 3 must-have options strategies — and when to use them
  • How to use indicators like Trin, Ticks & Tiki
  • Two best times of day with a high degree of predictability in S&P E-minis
  • Diamond’s 4 favorite indicator templates
  • How to identify “80/20” setups on each template
  • 18 examples of 80/20 trade setups on different templates
PLUS, you get a seat to the Module 2 Live Review Webinar on march 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern.

If you cannot attend, you can review the recording at your convenience. And you can watch it as many times as you want.

unlocks march 14 at 9:00 am Eastern

Real-Market Trading Sessions with Wayne Gorman

(Video, 2 hr. 36 mins.)

Here you’ll see Dick’s method in action as Wayne Gorman applies it in real time to the trade the S&P E-mini futures. You’ll see his prep work and system set-up. You’ll watch him scan the markets for those “80/20” setups — and put on live virtual trades.

You’ll also see Wayne apply the emotional discipline tips Dick taught you in Module 1 — and understand why they are so important to your success.

Learn as you watch:

  • See what Wayne Gorman is looking for to signal an “80/20” trade in the S&P E-minis
  • See how he enters and determines his protective stop
  • See what Wayne is looking for on each indicator to signal an “80/20” trade
  • See how Dick’s method helps you decide when to raise a stop, when it’s best to tighten it — and when it’s time to get out
  • And much more — seeing is believing!
PLUS, you get a seat to the Module 3 Live Review Webinar on march 20 at 7:00 Pm Eastern.

If you cannot attend, you can review the recording at your convenience. And you can watch it as many times as you want.

unlocks march 21 at 9:00 am Eastern

New, Alternative Entry Techniques

(Video, 1 hr. 13 mins.)

Over time, we observed that Dick Diamond’s “classic” 80/20 setups include a specific alignment in the indicators that usually affords entering a position just as a “classic” setup gets underway. We call it, the “Fast Entry Signal.”

In Module 4, you will learn what to look for to spot it in your charts. You’ll also see several virtual trades executed, from start to finish, by using the “Fast Entry Signal.” It’s an exciting addition to Diamond’s 80/20 method that we believe the Master himself would be proud of.

PLUS, you get a seat to the Module 4 Live Review Webinar on march 27 at 7:00 PM eastern.

If you cannot attend, you can review the recording at your convenience. And you can watch it as many times as you want.

Free, Ongoing Support with Your Host, Vadim Pokhlebkin

Ask Vadim your questions — as you watch each Module

So, you’ve made it through a portion of a Module and have a burning question? No need to wait! Simply submit your question via the Q&A Forum within the course portal.

Vadim will do his best to answer all questions in the next live session and will also post his answers directly to the Q&A Forum for the class to review.

Your Free Trading Experience Enhancers

($1,704 Total Value)

We created this package of valuable enhancements so that you can get even more out of Dick Diamond’s Method of Trading for a Living. Each of these is hand-selected.

Together, they are worth $1,704. You get them 100% free when you sign up for this learning experience.

$807 value

You get 3 months of free access to the same market platform that Elliott Wave International’s analysts use every day.

Extra Bonus: Your Trade Navigator comes with Diamond’s pre-loaded indicator templates — so you can hit the ground running with the “80/20” method!

A Trade Navigator representative will walk you through the platform setup in a one-on-one training session.

Think of this bonus as your “sandbox.” Before you commit capital to live trading, go ahead and “play” with Diamond’s pre-set indicators. Get a feel for which ones you like most. Get comfortable. Then, if you choose to trade through Trade Navigator, a representative will help you set up your trading account.

In addition to making it easy for you to apply Dick’s tools, Trade Navigator also helps you:

  • Easily develop your own trading system with powerful analytics, flexible strategies, alerts and automated trading capabilities
  • Place simulated trades with reliable, live market data. Replay past trading days to test your ideas and strategies with Streaming Replay
  • Control your emotions — back-test your strategy over decades of historical data; automate and remotely monitor your trades with alerts

Trade Navigator delivers these features (and more) in a cost-effective package. That’s why it has been EWI’s preferred platform for over five years.

Experience Enhancer #2:

$897 value

Wayne GormanIn addition to the Live Module Reviews, you’ll get a free seat to three Live Follow-Up Q&A sessions with your host, Vadim Pokhlebkin.

Ask your questions about Dick’s method and listen to other students’ Q&As.

And don’t worry… if you miss any of the live events, we’ll email you a link to the complete recordings, free.

Live Follow-Up Q&A #1:
April 10, 2024 — 7:00 PM ET
Cost: Free ($299 value)

Live Follow-Up Q&A #2:
May 1, 2024 — 7:00 PM ET
Cost: Free ($299 value)

Live Follow-Up Q&A #3:
May 29, 2024 — 7:00 PM ET
Cost: Free ($299 value)

We’ll email you and other students access details before each live webinar.

Detailed instructions, real-market demonstrations + full support via ongoing and follow-up live Q&As.

You learn everything you need to trade like Diamond — a man who traded for a living for 48 years.

For the disciplined person—a rare individual—this is the most important educational experience we’ve ever launched.

We think Dick Diamond would be proud of what we’ve created. He’d also be proud to see his method live on, carried forward by a few committed followers.

What a legacy. What a way forward.

“You’re going to make very, very good money if you trade with this discipline that I’m talking about.”

Yes! I am very serious about honing my abilities with the goal of trading for a living.

I want to start learning Diamond’s time-tested trading method and take my 1st step toward a successful trading career NOW.


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The course teaches everything a trader needs to trade like Dick Diamond, but there are no guarantees in the financial markets, and individual results will vary. If you reserve a seat and then decide it’s not for you, just email our Customer Care team any time before the course begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time on February 28, 2024. We will issue you a cheerful, 100% refund. Anytime during or after Module 1 and before Module 2 begins, if you decide the method is not for you, you may still get a 50% refund. Just email us before 9:00 a.m. Eastern on March 7, 2024. Sorry, no refunds after March 7.