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Junk Bonds: The Numbers Are, "Frankly, Stunning"

High-yield bonds are on a tear. 2020 is shaping up to be a monster year for junk bond sales. But all this investor optimism about low-grade debt is actually a dangerous sign. Our Global Market Strategist explains.

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How to Blend Elliott Waves with "Head & Shoulders"

You've heard of the "Head & Shoulders" price pattern. Here's how to look at it from an Elliott wave perspective -- our European Short Term Update editor explains using the chart of EuroSTOXX 50, a pan-European stock index.

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Oil: Why the Latest Rally Might Not Stick

If you want to see what's really behind crude oil's recent bearish reversal, watch this video. You'll see how market psychology warned of the reversal days in advance -- and get an idea as to what's next. Our Energy Pro Service editor explains.

So, Wait… Just HOW Do I Make a Forecast Using Elliott Waves?

It starts by accepting the basic premise of Elliott wave analysis: Namely, that market prices are not random but patterned -- and therefore predictable. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor explain using the chart of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN).

What Does Trump’s COVID Diagnosis Mean for the Markets?

The president’s COVID-19 diagnosis comes a month before the election. Will markets crash if his health deteriorates? Will they soar if he gets well? See real-time examples of how the Elliott wave model can help you cut through the chaos to find clarity when dramatic news strikes.

What REALLY Moves Bitcoin?

Some say, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 are joined at the hip. Some say, Bitcoin and U.S. dollar are inversely correlated. Some say… well, watch what the editor of our Crypto Pro Service thinks about all that first.