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Here’s What to Expect Over the Coming Months

In just 1:34, Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg explains one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a bear market.

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How Elliott Wave Guidelines Help You Catch Turns

Bonds -- and interest rates -- have been making headlines for months. But while the focus has mostly been on the U.S. Treasuries, it's worth seeing how the waves are shaping trends overseas, too. Watch Interest Rates Pro Service editor show you how to apply the waves to Eurex Bund.

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Bitcoin: After a 74% Drop, Why a Low May Be at Hand

Since its high near $69,000 last November, at its recent low Bitcoin was down 74%. Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through the King of Crypto's Elliott wave patterns, market sentiment indicators and more to show you how Bitcoin got here -- and what's likely next.

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Japanese Yen: How Much More of This 'Historic Weakness'?

A major forex pair, USD/JPY, is trading at highs it hasn't revisited since 2002. As it rises, the value of the Japanese yen keeps dropping. Already at "historic lows," how much lower could the yen go? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through USD/JPY's longer-term Elliott wave patterns to give you some answers.

Safety: That's the Name of the Game

"We've never lived through a Grand Supercycle bear market before" says Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg. Watch as he explains what to expect from "the biggest bear market in our lifetime" -- and how to financially survive it -- in this in-depth, fast-moving 13-minute interview.

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It's Fed Week. Let's Dive Into 10-Year Notes' Wave Patterns

"A trend in motion stays in motion." The trend in U.S. Treasuries has been down, but there's more to it -- US10Ys have been following a clear Elliott wave pattern. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor show you how the 10s got here -- and what's likely next.