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Private Equity: From “Movers and Shakers” to...?

The Elliott wave picture in the stock price of Blackstone, the world's largest alternative asset manager, is offering a glimpse as to what might be next for the private equity markets, explains our Global Rates & Money Flows editor Murray Gunn in his new video.

How to Avoid a "Bull Trap" (U.S. 30-Year Treasuries in Focus)

How often have you seen the market jump in your direction out of the gate -- but then reverse and go against you just as quickly? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor Nady Laymoud show how to avoid getting stuck in a "bull trap" using Elliott wave analysis.

Terrorist Attacks: When Is the Risk Highest?

Watch as Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski walks you through the timing of Al Qaeda attacks on U.S. targets over the past 30 years and touches on the timing of Hamas attack against Israel.

Emerging Markets: "Exciting Moment" with Big Implications for the World

Last fall, the MSCI Emerging Markets index hit an important trend line -- and rebounded strongly from it. Right now... well, watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, explain why this is another "exciting moment."

Did You Know the Fed Has a "Financial Stress Index"?

It's true. The St. Louis chapter of the Federal Reserve Bank publishes a handy index comprised of several important indicators. What's more, the index has a history of rising before notable financial crises of the past. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray Gunn, explain more.

What Should You Make of This Summer's Highs in European Stocks?

While the major U.S. stock indexes have languished sideways lately, the German DAX and British FTSE made new all-time highs this summer. We've been tracking a few important correlations in the region to peek around the next corner -- watch monthly Global Market Perspective contributor Brian Whitmer explain more.