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"One day, EU will refuse to subsidize weaker EU economies"

What if investors refuse to buy certain bonds? The ECB has the answer! But what if the ECB's bond schemes are doing more harm than good, as seems to be the case with Germany? Watch our European Financial Forecast editor touch on these topics and investor pessimism as he gives you a preview of the new, August issue.

Dr. Copper Is Down Hard. Bad Omen?

Economists affectionately call copper, the industrial metal, Dr. Copper -- because its price trends tend to set the trend in the overall economy. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor walk you through copper's chart for this year and raise an important question.

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Top 25 Cryptos (Plus, NFTs): Is “Crypto Winter” Finally Over?

The index of the top 25 cryptos was down 82% at the recent low. The related NFT index fell 94% since last November. Surely, the bottom must be near? Before you answer., watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a couple of Elliott wave charts.

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European Bonds: Skip the News. Watch the Charts. Sleep Better.

As the Fed's interest rate decisions dominate the news, let's take another look at Europe. What can Elliott waves show us about the direction of European bonds -- and by proxy, interest rates? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service analyst give you another "European tour." (In focus: Eurex Bund.)

Watch: A Simple Trick to Simplify Your Elliott Wave Analysis

Anything can be made complicated but counting Elliott waves doesn't have to be. Step 1: Below the video, download the blank Alcoa (AA) and Seattle Genetics (SGEN) charts and label them. Step 2: Check your work as you watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy show you a "simple trick" to add more confidence to your wave counting.

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Japanese Yen (USD/JPY): “One Heck of a Ride”

Ending diagonals are high-confidence Elliott wave patterns that appear when the market has gone "too far, too fast." When they end, markets reverse -- often, dramatically. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst Michael Madden walk you through a couple of USD/JPY charts to illustrate the point -- and show you what to look for. (Also in focus: USD/CAD and AUD/USD.)