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Bitcoin: Look What Sentiment Suggests for the Next Move

Market, or investor, sentiment and Elliott waves go hand-in-hand. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's historic sentiment highs and lows to see how they lined up with the crypto's big rallies and sell-offs -- and what the current position of the Daily Sentiment Index suggests next.

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EuroSTOXX 50: One Way to Label This Chart You May Not Have Considered

An Elliott wave contracting triangle is a price pattern that often forms in a corrective wave 4 position -- meaning, a big move in wave 5 comes next. However, a variation of the triangle called a "running triangle" offers additional possibilities. Watch our European Short Term Update editor walk you through a chart of the pan-European index of 50 stocks and explain the implications.

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Stocks and Skyscrapers Here We Go Again

We're not the first ones to notice a curious correlation between the timing of record highs in the stock market and proposals for building new skyscrapers. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor discuss the latest proposal for an "upside-down" skyscraper in New York City.

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DAX: From Extreme Complacency to Extreme Fear… and Back to Complacency

You see a curious pattern when you plot investor and consumer sentiment on a stock market chart. Watch our Global Market Strategist walk you through several current sentiment readings as they relate to Europe's flagship stock index, the German FAX.

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U.S. Dollar vs. Mexican Peso: “Yes, even in ‘exotic’ markets”

We often get asked if Elliott waves work in markets other than the U.S. stock indexes and other major markets. Watch our Currency Pro Service contributor definitively answer this question by walking you through an 'exotic' forex market like USD/MXN.

MSCI Singapore: What to Make of the “Sharpest Decline in the Region”?

It's important to keep an eye on the market outliers -- markets that go up or down more than related ones. Why? Watch our Asian-Pacific editor explain by looking at the declines in Singaporean stocks since November.