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Energy Markets: More Volatility Ahead in 2019?

Energy analyst Steve Craig shows the trends and patterns in Crude and Natural Gas markets that defined 2018, and previews what to expect from here.

A 3-Year Pattern Makes Its Move: Dollar-Yen

EWI's currency analyst Jim Martens shows how the Elliott Wave pattern helped him alert subscribers to the coming big move in the Dollar-Yen.

Bond Market Volatility: Has the Psychology Shifted?

EWI's Interest Rate analyst Jordan Kotick shows the "Financial Stress Index," and explains the sudden burst of volatility in the Treasuries market.

Is Bitcoin the largest financial bubble of our lifetimes

Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall answer the "largest bubble?" question -- plus many others -- in this EVT video.

The Inverted Yield Curve: What It Is and Why It Matters

Treasury yields may soon turn "not normal," otherwise known as the inverted yield curve. This clear and compelling interview with EWI's Jordan Kotick shows you why it really does matter.

Sears: From Hero to Zero

EWI's Pete Kendall describes the rise and fall of the company that defined consumer shopping in 20th century America: Sears & Roebuck. See 100-year chart for yourself.