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EWAVES Walk-Thru: Wave Count Highlights in Marathon Petroleum (MPC)

EWAVES (EWI's computer-generated wave counting juggernaut) doesn't read the news, doesn't use fundamentals and it never sleeps. What it does is count and rank waves. Listen to an old hand (our own Dave Allman, jaded wave counting savant) walk-thru this recent example in Marathon Petroleum (MPC) with an eye toward the nuts and bolts of the Wave Principle.

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Forex: How to Know If Support or Resistance Will Hold

Every forex trader knows to watch closely when a currency pair slows down and starts to go sideways: Chances are, it hit a support or resistance price level. But how do you know if it’s likely to hold or not? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor apply simple Elliott wave analysis to AUDUSD in order to get the answer.

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1929… 1968… 1999… 2021?

Throughout history, Americans have fallen in love with the stock market at moments that, in retrospect, were clearly the wrong time to do so. Watch our Global Markets Strategist highlight those moments on a DJIA chart and explain why this is relevant today.

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International Politics: What Stocks' Trend Tells You About Next Steps

If the phrase "global effective minimum corporate tax rate" gives you a toothache, you're not alone. But as unexciting as that may sound, there is a lesson to be learned here -- a lesson in how social mood, as reflected by the stock market's trend, influences big politics. Our Head of Global Research explains. (ETF VT in focus.)

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Australia’s Business Confidence Hits a Record High: A Bullish Sign?

Back in 2008, during the global financial crisis, business confidence in Australia took a hard tumble. Curiously, that low marked the start of a multi-year rally in the ASX 200. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert show you the latest position of the Aussie business confidence index and hint at the implications.

ADI, SYNA, CTSH: Different Stocks, Same (Bullish) Wave Pattern

The beauty of the Elliott wave approach is in its universal application across different markets. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor explain what the presence of a classic wave setup likely means next for these three tech stocks.