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The Big Rise in Boeing – How Did He Do That?

EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy tells Dana Weeks about the pattern in Boeing that helped him forecast the huge gains in August and September. See the chart for yourself.

A Decade of Asia: Market Forecasts Then and Now

EWI's Mark Galasiewski talks to Dana Weeks about his recent keynote address to the International Federation of Technical Analysts

More Home Runs AND Faster Pitches? How Do They Do That?

"Power performance" in baseball achieved all-time records in 2018. How? NOT with steroids, rule changes, or a livelier baseball. Alan Hall has the answer the scientists missed.

Calling the Low and High of a 6-Month Dollar Rally

The U.S. Dollar's 6-month rally ran from February thru August -- Dana Weeks asks EWI Currency Analyst Jim Martens if he had subscribers on the right side of the trend.

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Brian Whitmer on Europe: Has the Top "Rolled In"?

Five major stock markets in Europe are poised to close lower in 2018: Dana Weeks asks Brian Whitmer about his October 2017 forecast for these markets, and what may be next.

Part II: EWAVES Explained -- How Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Sees" Market Patterns

In part II, EWAVES developer Elliott Prechter continues his conversation with Dana Weeks, describing how EWAVES identifies Elliott Wave patterns in financial markets.