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Want Proof Markets Are NON-Rational? See This.

How can 1400 individual stocks, governed by a myriad of individual factors, fit into the same technical market pattern? There is only one logical answer. Watch our Asian-Pacific expert explain -- and show you how the COVID-19 pandemic fits into the same pattern.

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The Euro: On the Rise

You can tell a lot about the future of a currency if you look at its longer-term Elliott wave patterns. Watch our Currency Pro Service cross rates expert dissect recent wave patterns in EURGBP, the euro-sterling forex pair -- and give you his conclusions.

Whitmer on Market Rallies

Brian Whitmer, our Global Markets Strategist, shows you what history says about big bear market rallies. He focuses on Europe, but you see the very same phenomenon in other regions -- including the US.

Just How "Subjective" Is Elliott Wave Analysis?

Swedish stocks are not a market you hear about often. Well, all the more reason to see how Elliott waves handled the recent crash -- and address a question about the objectivity of wave analysis that we sometimes hear. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

From "Gung-ho" to "Cautious": How Sector Rotation Data Helps You Spot Trend Changes

At EWI, we look at 100+ market indicators to support our Elliott wave forecasts. Watch our Head of Global Research show you how the Sector Rotation Ratio in European stocks helped us warn subscribers of today's market woes well in advance -- and what this ratio says about the market today.

Oil's 25% Drop on March 18 Had Nothing to Do with OPEC

Third waves in the basic Elliott wave pattern are typically the strongest and fastest. The sell-off in crude on March 18 fits the 3rd-wave "personality." Which is to say, the sell-off was predictable, if you were watching wave patterns in oil's charts in the days before. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you the details.