DJIA Drops 600+ Points Financial Forecast Service, Wed. May 22, 4:18pm: “… non-confirmations occurring with stocks at historically overvalued levels places the market in a high risk position.See what’s next.

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Teach Yourself How to Spot REAL Market Reversals in 17 Minutes

Teach Yourself How to Spot REAL Market Reversals in 17 Minutes

You’ve seen it 1000 times. The market’s rising, then it hits a wall, then prices reverse… Now what? How do you know if it’s a true trend change or just a quick correction? How do you know to lighten up your long position — or reverse it to a short altogether? These are vital questions for every trader. Watch this 17-minute clip from a video our Commodity Junctures instructor Jim Martens recorded for subscribers. (In focus: Corn, but you can use this lesson with any liquid market.)

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U.S. Markets

I need forecasts for U.S. markets from the flagship Financial Forecast Service.

The Elliott Wave Theorist

The latest research about waves of social mood in the markets written by Robert Prechter.


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I need forecasts for European markets from the European Financial Forecast Service.

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I need forecasts for Asian markets from the Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service.

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I need analysis of global debt markets, currency trends, and economic insights.

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I need clear and actionable analysis and forecasts for the world’s major financial markets.

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I need analysis of global trends through the lens of social mood for informed decision-making.

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I’m a Professional or Active Trader. I See Volatility as an Opportunity to Ride the Most Powerful Waves.


Timely, objective, expert analysis throughout the open sessions to help you make smarter trading decisions.


3 short video lessons per week teach you to look at your charts and see new opportunities like never before.

Crypto Junctures

2-4 times a week, watch a short video showcasing a cryptocurrency juncture supported by compelling Elliott wave evidence.


Gives you Elliott wave-based alerts the moment such a potential market opportunity arises.

Commodity Junctures

Actionable forecasts for 12+ major commodity markets delivered weekly and monthly.

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