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Recorded Live March 5, 2020

In just a few days, on May 12, we start the 5th installment of our popular online course, "Trade Small, Win Often: Dick Diamond's Method of Trading for a Living."

As always right before the launch, we’re getting lots of questions from potential students.

You may have questions, too – so, to help answer them, course host Vadim Pokhlebkin recorded a short, 16-minute webinar, addressing FAQs like:

  • "How long before I can confidently trade using Diamond's 8/20 method?"
  • "Can I use Diamond's 80/20 method on markets other than the S&P E-mini futures?"
  • "How did Diamond get away with such a tight stop?"
  • What Diamond's 80/20 method is -- and what it's not.

Diamond’s method is not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience and discipline. Most people think they have both – until the fear and greed of a typical trading day puts it to a rough test. Then they quickly discover that patience and discipline are not their strong suit.

Having said that… Since the start of the pandemic last year, millions of people have opened trading accounts. You may be one of them, or maybe you’re thinking of trying your luck in the markets now. Keep in mind that when stocks only go up – like they have over the past year – trading seems easy. But when the bull run ends, you’ll hear lots of stories about traders who got caught completely unprepared.

Diamond traded for almost 50 years, through bull and bear markets. What helped his incredible longevity was his amazing method.

So, watch this 16-minute webinar, get your questions answered, email us if you have additional ones -- and decide if "Trade Small, Win Often: Dick Diamond's Method of Trading for a Living" is right for you.

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Air Date: May 4

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