The MO of Motive Waves

When R.N. Elliott discovered the Elliott Wave Principle almost 90 years ago, he noticed that markets unfold in waves. Today, his unique observations are applied world-wide.

From Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior (read it free)

Motive waves subdivide into five waves and always move in the same direction as the trend of one larger degree. They are straightforward and relatively easy to recognize and interpret… Their structures are called “motive” because they powerfully impel the market.

Once the five waves are complete, you can expect the market to move against the larger trend. Let’s look at this BITO (Bitcoin ETF) example from our Flash Services:

Our EWAVES software (which powers Flash alerts) identified a completed five-wave move in Bitcoin and sent subscribers a recommendation on January 10, at 11:05 am to buy BITO at 10.94 with a stop placement at 10.52.

The recommendation was updated on 1/17 to adjust the stop position to 11.50.

BITO is sitting at 13.54 as I type.

Flash will continue to monitor the recommendation and update subscribers through to completion.

If you can count five completed waves on your price chart, that’s a good sign that opportunity lies straight ahead!