Read the Overwhelmingly Bullish Case for Solana (SOL)

Solana just hit $99 today! (12/22/23)

This market continues to surprise most traders.

But 79 bucks ago…just before this 395% rally started…EWI’s Pro Services team posted this compelling chart.

If you’re an Elliott wave trader, you can see exactly why this chart is compelling.

But, if you aren’t, let me help you out…

  • Trend: The market traced out five waves up from the September low. That indicates that the trend is up.
  • Turn: Wave (2) ended in late September, pennies from the low of the previous 4th wave. Based on Elliott wave guidelines, that’s exactly where Elliott wave traders expect it to end.
  • Pattern: Wave (3) of iii is about to start! To Elliott wave traders, that indicates a super-charged move is ahead.

All this adds up to an Elliott wave opportunity.

That’s why the Pro Service team said…”

“SOL has advanced a bit further from 18.73, which ideally serves as the wave (2) low [at 17.33]. Breaking above 20.54 decisively would bolster the idea wave (3) is getting underway.”

If you trade cryptos and aren’t using solid Elliott wave analysis, you’re missing out.

Clear Waves = Clear Setups

Right now, the crypto waves are clear — and point to another year filled with opportunity.

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