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Fibonacci Matrix

Lean on Fibonacci Numbers’ Centuries-Old History to Capitalize on Today’s Stock Market Intraday Volatility

The well-known Fibonacci number sequence dates to ancient India, and later to the famous Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci. So, what does it have to do with today’s financial markets? A lot.

Price targets. Critical market reversal points. The depth of corrections. Trend-defining proportions between Elliott waves. The Fibonacci math lives and breathes in today’s markets. Many experienced technical traders rely on it every day.

Our own Tom Prindaville, a 30+ intraday stock market forecaster, developed his proprietary Fibonacci Matrix system over two decades ago. Over the years, Tom employed it daily.

Today, Tom’s Fibonacci Matrix is the only intraday service of its kind in the world.


Tom’s Subscribers Say:

S&P 500. Dow. NASDAQ. Intraday Moves, Intraday Opportunities.

A lot happens in the major U.S. stock indexes between 9:30 AM and 4 PM Eastern. Tom’s Fibonacci Matrix Intraday Service works hard to keep you a step ahead.

Every morning, Tom’s Pre-Open Overview

Before trading opens, Tom posts a detailed overview of the overnight price action — and his expectations for the trading day ahead.

As the markets trade: fast, timely intraday forecasts

During market hours, you get 20+ near-term forecasts for the S&P 500, NASDAQ and DJIA. See Tom’s charts labeled with Fibonacci Matrix, Elliott wave labels, his commentary, targets and risk-management support and resistance price levels.

It all adds up to one thing: a one-of-a-kind market perspective

Tom’s proprietary Fibonacci Matrix tool is time-tested and powerful, especially when combined with Elliott.

Others May Run from Volatility.
You Can Try to Capitalize.

Fibonacci Matrix Intraday Service puts a veteran analyst in your corner to help you ride intraday waves.