Market Trek

with Brian Whitmer

  • Should You Pay Attention to a ‘Golden Cross’?

    The DJIA in December. The Russell 2000 in January. Now, the S&P 500 flashed a “golden cross” chart formation. When the 50-day Moving Average crosses the 200-day MA, ears perk up. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer show you half-a-dozen examples when this “can’t-fail” indicator did just that — fail.

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  • From $18,000,000,000,000 to $0

    “From $18 trillion to $0,” that’s what happened to one asset class over the past two years. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer explain (from his global destination in Thailand) what this asset class is — and the broader implications of its recent trend. (Hint: It has to do with interest rates, a relevant topic during “Fed week.”)

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Brian Whitmer

Global Markets Strategist
Editor, European Financial Forecast

Brian Whitmer was a civil engineer in another life, so he’s got a good sense of how things are constructed. Applying that skill set, he deconstructs today’s sundry financial vehicles, like CDOs, meme stocks, subprime mortgages, SPACs, et al, and contextualizes them for his subscribers. He edits the monthly European Financial Forecast and contributes the European stock section of our monthly Global Market Perspective.

Brian’s also got a bit of wanderlust, so he gets a first-hand, boots-on-the-ground feel for what’s really going on around the world.

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