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Why Wave Analysis Belongs in Every Trader’s Toolbox — Yours, Too

Real Markets  |  Hands-on Insights  |  1 Hour | Intermediate Level

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Often, new traders think that “trading is easy.”

New traders especially make this mistake if they happen to begin trading in a bull market, when all you need to do is “buy and hold.”

But eventually, the harsh reality sets in: Every bull market ends. When markets turn south, then only those traders who have a method that works in bull and bear markets will be left standing.

After all, real traders go long and short, and they do it with confidence.

I can help you become one of those (few) traders.

My name is Jeffrey Kennedy and I’m the instructor of this new on-demand course.

Expect to come away with practical new knowledge

I first discovered Elliott wave analysis over 30 years ago. Immediately, I saw its potential to turn my game around.

“I don’t have to watch the news, trade on rumors, and I always know where my risk is — to the tick?! Sign me up!” — that’s what went through my head when I first began to count 5s and 3s on price charts.

My confidence in the method has only grown since.

In fact, about 20 years ago, I started teaching other traders, new and experienced ones, how to turn their game around using wave analysis. So far, I’ve helped several thousand traders, all over the world; I’ve also co-written an Amazon Finance bestseller on using Elliott as the primary trading method.

Now it’s your turn to learn. In about 1 hour, on-demand, I will show you:

  •  How Elliott waves help you know when the trend is about to change
  •  How waves quickly and confidently help you analyze days, weeks, months, even years’ worth of price data to see both short- and long-term trends. (Try doing that with an Excel spreadsheet of price data for AAPL going back 5 years… you simply can’t!)
  •  How to spot the highest-confidence trade setups

Expect to never look at the markets the same way again.

We’ll learn from today’s real-market charts

I always use real-market, real-time charts in my lessons. Real charts keep things real — not a bunch of theory.

Real-market charts also give us the added advantage of turning up real-time opportunities!

In this on-demand course, you’ll see charts of ADIMO and ZM.

About Your Instructor

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M, draws on more than 30 years of experience as an analyst, teacher and trader. He was an adjunct instructor for five years in the Quantitative and Computational Finance program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he taught technical analysis. He also co-authored the 2013 book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading. Jeffrey provided video forecasts and analysis for EWI’s Commodity Junctures Service on a Daily and Monthly basis. He produced video lessons for EWI’s popular Trader’s Classroom, an educational service that shows subscribers how to trade with wave analysis and supporting technical methods.

Why Wave Analysis Belongs in Every Trader’s Toolbox — Yours, Too

Real Markets  |  Hands-on Insights  |  1 Hour | Intermediate Level

Limited Time: Save 20%

$99 $79.20