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Traders Are Now Paying Attention to Waves in CommoditiesShould You?

The explosive moves that Elliott waves predicted in commodities are here.

Think back to February. Commodity prices were in the dumps. Gold, silver – even corn.

Corn is the one commodity that is in almost everything (think about it the next time you fill up your car). Here is what prices looked like in late February:

But this was not the time to be short-term bearish. No, quite the opposite.

At the time, our Commodity Junctures subscribers knew (from looking at the chart above) that the next move in corn should be a RALLY.

Look what corn did next:

Corn prices shot up, just as Elliott waves said they would: 12% in 11 weeks, so far. What’s next?

On June 7—14, join Commodity Junctures Open House to see what’s next for corn. And there is so much more! MORE commodities ready to move.

June 7 – 14 • FREE to Club EWI Members

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What You Get on June 7—14:

3 New Videos with 12+ Near-Term Forecasts

On Friday, June 7, Commodity Junctures editor Jim Martens will review the trend of each of the soft, grain and livestock markets, including:

  • Softs: cocoa, coffee, cotton, sugar, orange juice
  • Grains: soybeans, soybean oil, soybean meal, corn, wheat
  • Livestock: lean hogs, live cattle, feeder cattle

Live Event Recording with Big-Picture Forecasts

Jim Martens’ live Monthly Review video (Recorded May 16) in which he walks you, step-by-step, through the wave patterns in corn and other markets that are at interesting junctures. Then Jim answers subscribers’ questions.

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Open House is when we open the doors to one of our services so anyone can see exactly what it’s like for paying subscribers. Here’s what past Open House participants have said:

Very useful and much appreciated.

– Vijay

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– Ozgur

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– David

June 7 – 14 • FREE to Club EWI Members

Join Commodity Junctures Open House
with a $2/month Club EWI membership