China & Latin America:
“Perfectly Paired”

For Globally Minded Investors Seeking
Off-the-Radar Opportunities

Don’t look now, but…

…chances are, soon you’ll be seeing lots of stories about markets in China and Latin America.


Because one is the “world’s largest commodity consumer” (China) and the other is the “world’s powerhouse commodity provider” (Latin America), as we put it in our new special report. In business, it’s what they call “synergy.”

Our new report, excerpted from our March Global Market Perspective, focuses on these budding – and contrarian, which makes them even more interesting – opportunities in both regions.

15 charts | 14 pages

There’s more to it than just a symbiotic producer/consumer relationship.

What excites us the most is that both regions are finishing clear, multi-year Elliott wave patterns.

These patterns too have “synergy.” They are essentially identical. “Perfectly paired.”

With “perfectly paired” implications.

It’s a rare alignment, and we can’t wait tell you all about it.

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