Earnings. ‘The Fed.’ ‘Rising Bond Yields.’
Think THAT’S What’s Driving the Stock Market?

If you pride yourself on making evidence-based investment decisions, this special report will show you hard evidence that busts 13 conventional investment beliefs wide open.

It will challenge your beliefs too, no doubt – but also open up a whole new world to you. You’ll understand what really drives market prices and elevate your decision-making process to a new level.

Free, see the proof that shatters 13 market myths and become that rare investor who acts on real market dynamics.

Learn About 13 Investor Myths You’re Probably Falling For

—Positive corporate earnings will cause the stock to rally.

—Higher bond yields cause stocks to drop.

—Inflation causes gold and silver prices to rise.

99% of investors hold these irrefutable truths so tightly that they’re willing to invest hundreds-of-thousands of dollars based on these correlations. They never challenge whether they are actually true…

…but Robert Prechter does.

In his groundbreaking text, The Socionomic Theory of Finance, Prechter delves deep into history to study the most popular market cause-and-effects touted by economists, news outlets and brokers.

This report gives you the first two chapters now for free — so you can discover 13 dangerous investor myths.

Readers say that the book…

“… thoughtfully and exhaustively challenges the flawed logic behind conventional thinking on market causality and offers a compelling alternative, laying out and extraordinary road map.

— Peter Atwater, author; Adjunct Professor, University of Delaware

“… is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the real basis of financial markets.”

— Kenneth Olson, Ph.D (Clinical Psychology), Professor Emeritus, Fort Hays State University

“… challenges conventional wisdom that fails the test of empirical confirmation.”

— Laurence Chud, M.D. (Psychiatry); Faculty, Harvard Medical School

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