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Looking to stay ahead of opportunities and risks in India? This is the service for you. We took the Indian market sections from our popular Asian Pacific Financial Forecast Service and packaged them together in one place. All month long, we give you tradable insights into India’s key markets as well as the psychology powering the region’s big trends and turns. Coverage includes the S&P Nifty and SENSEX.


  • Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast (India only)
  • Asian-Pacific Short Term Update (India only)

Here’s How the Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Combo Helps You Prepare

The more you know about the waves’ formation, the better you’ll be able to prepare.

All month long, APFFC shows you where the trends are now — and where the Elliott waves say prices should turn. We give you the Elliott pattern at multiple degrees of trend. We include precise risk/reward assessments based on those projections.

Here’s how it works:


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Your guides are two of the best-known market analysts in the world.

Mark GalasiewskiEditor, Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-ski) began his analytical career in 2001, researching fundamentals of listed stocks at an institutional brokerage in Stamford, Connecticut. Since joining EWI, Mark has presented at several investment conferences in Asia and has been interviewed by and featured in major media outlets such as Bloomberg TV Asia, India’s CNBC TV-18 and ET Now, the South China Morning Post, Bloomberg newswire, Dow Jones Asia newswire, Barron’s, Forbes, and Press Trust India. Mark has a degree in East Asian Studies and lived for six years during the 1990s in Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and conversant in Mandarin Chinese. Mark joined EWI in 2005 and has been editor of The Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast since 2008.

Chris CarolanEditor, Asian-Pacific Short Term Update

Chris Carolan is a pioneer in his field and 1998 recipient of the Charles Dow Award for excellence and creativity in technical analysis. He excels at keeping you abreast of the patterns and opportunities in Asian-Pacific markets in his Asian-Pacific Short Term Update. He also often comments on bond and foreign exchange markets, unfolding news stories that relate to social mood, the Wave Principle and worldwide trends that impact Asian regions.


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Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

Every Month

At the beginning of each month, you get a 30-60 day look ahead at the Nifty and Sensex. With insightful charts and text, the Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast lays out expected trends and turns. Plus, insights into psychology driving waves in the region.

Asian-Pacific Short Term Update

3 Days Per Week

Before the markets open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you get the Asian-Pacific Short Term Update, alerting you to what’s changed and what’s upcoming for the Nifty in the next several days. (They are published by 6pm ET on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday in the United States)

Three online courses: The Wave Principle Applied, The Basics of the Wave Principle, and 3 Technical Indicators to Help You Ride the Elliott Wave Trend

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