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Pro Services Open House | September 19-26, 2019

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Pro Services bring you our most nimble, opportunity-rich, professional-grade forecasts for 50+ of the world's top markets – stocks, forex, cryptos, energy, metals, bonds – many 24 hours a day. Each forecast comes complete with Elliott wave labeled charts and analysis to help you time your market moves with precision.

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Forecasts for 50+ Markets – Across All Timeframes

Objective forecasts, price targets and risk-management levels for 50+ global markets showing you hundreds of new trading opportunities. You get unrestricted access to all intraday, daily and weekly forecasts.

Key Content and Exclusive Open House Alerts

There's a lot to keep track of during Open House. We help you zero in on what's hot with exclusive email alerts – as market action warrants – featuring Open House videos, analyst interviews and more.

BONUS VIDEO: The Wave Principle Applied

EWI Senior Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy teaches you the best waves to trade, how to determine your entry and targets and, most important, where to set your protective stops.

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Meet Your Editors

Jim Martens

Jim Martens Forex

Jim Martens is EWI's Senior Currency Strategist and editor of trader-focused Currency Pro Service. He began his financial markets career in the mid-1980s in New York. Jim is an experienced instructor who presents Elliott waves as a forex-trading method at seminars and tutorials around the world.

Michael Madden

Michael Madden Forex

Michael Madden, CMT, CFTe, CEWA, is the founder of ElliottWaveIreland and the co-head of the Market Technicians Association (Irish Chapter). He joined EWI's Pro Services team in 2014, initially covering interest rates; he now provides commentary for currency cross rates in Currency Pro Service and Global Market Perspective.

Tony Carion

Tony Carrion Forex

Tony Carrion is an Elliott wave specialist, investor and trader who covers intraday analysis on eleven major currencies for Elliott Wave International. Prior to joining EWI, in 2000 he formed an independent online research service,, providing research reports and market letters covering equities, futures and forex. 

Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley Stocks, U.S.

Robert Kelley, CEWA-M, joined EWI in 1990 and edited The Elliott Wave Short Term Update, the Currency and Commodity Hotline and the currency section of The Elliott Wave Currency and Commodity Forecast newsletter. Robert now provides intraday analysis for our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service.

Murat Yilmaz

Murat Yilmaz Stocks, Europe

Murat Yilmaz, CEWA, is Elliott Wave International's European Stocks Intraday Analyst. In 2002, he began publishing his own Elliott wave and other technical analysis online. Before joining EWI in 2013, Murat managed major software development projects in several industries, including finance.

John Hunter

John Hunter Asia-Pacific, Stocks

T.W. John Hunter, CEWA-M, has lived international markets for 36 years. His career started at Merrill Lynch in 1981, took him to Riyadh Bank in Saudi Arabia; BofA in San Francisco; Reuters in NYC; and two electronic trading start-ups. In 2004, he joined EWI, where he currently provides intraday analysis and forecasts for our Asian-Pacific and Extended Hours U.S. Stocks Pro Service.

Jordan Kotick

Jordan Kotick Interest Rates

Jordan Kotick has worked on four Wall Street trading floors as Trader, Economist, Head of Cross Asset Strategy and Technical Analyst. He was the first person to have ever been President of both the CMT Association in New York and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA). Jordan was also the first to have a self-titled segment, shown internationally, on CNBC for 5 years, "Kotick: Tick by Tick." He now provides intraday analysis and forecasts for our Interest Rates Pro Service.

Murray Gunn

Murray Gunn Europe, Global

Murray Gunn is Head of Global Research at Elliott Wave International. He worked as a fund manager in global bonds, currencies and stocks, including long posts at Standard Life Investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. He then joined HSBC Bank as Head of Technical Analysis. Murray is the author of Trading Regime Analysis (Wiley, 2009) and a contributor to Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture (Socionomics Institute Press, 2017). In April 2018, Murray took over the helm of The European Short Term Update. You can also read his commentary in Global Market Perspective, Interest Rates Pro Services and Currency Pro Services, and on

Ivelin Zhelev

Ivelin "Ivo" Zhelev Interest Rates, Global

Based in Bulgaria, Ivelin Zhelev, CEWA, has been involved in the financial markets since 2011. He is a co-founder of EWM Interactive, a company that provides weekly wave outlooks for the major forex pairs and major stock indexes and a contributor to two books published by Academic Publishing House "Tsenov" - Svishtov, "Capital Optimization" and "Debt Management." He currently forecasts global interest rates for EWI. 

Ignat Borisenko

Ignat Borisenko Forex

Ignat Borisenko has been publishing Elliott wave analysis since 2004 for several financial companies and has created many highly popular Russian-language resources on the Wave Principle. He joined EWI in 2017 and works from his home in Moscow. Ignat manages the Currency Opportunities for our Pro Services.

Steve Craig

Steve Craig Energy

Steve Craig, CEWA-M, has been involved with energy futures since their inception and credits Bob Prechter's masterful stock market forecasts in the 1980s for the inspiration to make the leap from an Elliott wave student to an ardent practitioner. Steve is responsible for EWI’s on-line Energy Pro Service which includes up-to-the-hour forecasts for NYMEX crude oil and natural gas and end-of-day comments on crude oil, Brent, natural gas, heating oil and unleaded as well as several related ETFs.

Tom Denham

Tom Denham Metals

Tom Denham has been providing market analysis for Elliott Wave International for more than 11 years, covering multiple markets including metals, European stocks and currencies during that time. Today Tom is the editor of EWI's Metals Pro Service, providing intraday and daily analysis of gold, silver, copper and other major metals.