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Robert Kelley's 3 Favorite Trade Setups

Real Markets, No "Hypotheticals" | 1 Hour | Intermediate Level

Your Instructor: Robert Kelley, CEWA-M


Robert KelleyHi, I'm Robert Kelley, your instructor for this on-demand trading course.

I've been relying on Elliott waves for trading decisions for over 30 years. It's fascinating to me that prices still reliably display the same patterns they did 30 years ago -- or 300 years ago!

That's because while technology changes, human psychology stays the same. And opportunities and risks still come and go in the same, recognizable patterns.

Today I want to show you how to shrink your Elliott wave trade setups down to just 3. These are the same 3 setups I look for in my own charts when I'm trying to spot a high-confidence opportunity:

  • 5th waves
  • 3rds and Cs
  • Ending diagonals

I like these particular setups because they're high-potential, low-risk, and easy to spot. And they work in both directions.

This quick course will take only about 1 hour in our virtual classroom.

Sound good?

Real markets,
no “hypotheticals.”

In this e-Course, you’ll see real markets:

S&P 500, Alibaba Group (BABA), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), PNC Bank (PNC), US Steel (X), Lockheed Martin (LMT), Apple (AAPL), and others.

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Real Traders Trust Robert Kelley

"I just want to say a huge thank you for your incredible service and skill. Not only in reading waves and putting them in context but your guidance to your subscribers about how to approach certain situations based on your experience and the potential risk/rewards as you see them. You have taught me a lot and helped me to become a much better trader and I will be forever grateful for that."
— Derrick J.

"I think you are an outstanding Elliott Wave Analyst and I am learning quite a bit from your service. Thank you very much."
— Waldo W.

"Thanks for all the great analysis in this chaotic market! I am learning a lot from watching you analyze the markets in real time and especially from your discussions of potential targets and invalidation points."
— Dave K.

"I want to thank you for the work that you do. I have thoroughly enjoyed your service. You are amazing at what you do. You have taught me so much the past 3 months. I love how transparent you are and neutral in your approach. When you don't know you are very clear to be patient...keep doing what you're doing you have been great. Thank you for the PhD in trading. I am very grateful for what you have taught me. You made me a better trader and I will never be the same. Best service out there."
— Tom O.

"I am very impressed with Mr. Robert Kelley. His knowledge and assertiveness in his updates are extremely helpful to my trading. I use a trading platform based in Elliott waves and while it is good at projecting targets and retracements it cannot be compared to the knowledge and certitude Mr. Kelley brings to my trading."

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