How to Trade When the Market Zigzags

Learn how to trade one of the most frequently seen Elliott wave patterns. This course gives you step-by-step instructions on how to identify the pattern and set up your trading strategy.

  • Format: On-Demand Course | 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Instructor: Wayne Gorman
  • Level: Intermediate

Learn to spot and trade this common Elliott wave pattern

Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman shows you how to trade one of the most frequently seen Elliott wave patterns. Throughout two real-time trading scenarios, Wayne teaches you the characteristics of Zigzags, how to anticipate when they will occur as well and the rules, guidelines and Fibonacci relationships of this popular pattern.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How zigzags differ from other corrective structures and motive waves
  • The three different types of zigzags
  • How the pattern can function as an actionary, as well as a reactionary wave
  • When zigzags are most likely to occur, always occur, and never occur
  • What rules and guidelines govern subdivisions of zigzags
  • How to use Fibonacci ratios to estimate subwaves of the pattern
  • How to set entry, stop, target and exit levels
  • How to use Elliott's guideline of depth
  • How to use channeling to pinpoint when the the pattern will end
  • What to expect when a zigzag ends

Meet Your Instructor

Wayne Gorman

Wayne Gorman Former Senior Trading Instructor

Wayne Gorman, CEWA-M, is a 40-year veteran risk manager and trader. He started out at Citibank, where he managed trading positions in money markets and derivatives. He traded full-time with his own capital for almost five years before. In 2013, Wayne co-authored the Amazon best-selling book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading, published by Bloomberg Press. Wayne is also the author of multiple EWI trading tutorials.

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