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What Junk Bonds Convey About Investors’ Mindset

Extreme financial optimism is on display with "stocks, property, cryptocurrencies and digital art." Also consider junk bonds. Here's a chart and commentary.


China’s Evergrande: Not (yet) a "Lehman Moment"

China’s largest real estate developer imploded. The event so far hasn’t troubled the credit markets. Why??? Our Global Markets Strategist explains – and tells you when China’s Lehman moment will hit.

Move Over Bitcoin, There's a New Crypto Sheriff in Town

This year has seen Ethereum, the #2 cryptocurrency, outperform Bitcoin to become mainstream's "top crypto investment with the most upside." Elliott wave analysis saw Ethereum's upside potential, too... but one year ago! Here's how, and here's what we see next.


Fibonacci Clusters in Commodities: “Most Accurate Tools”

The discoverer of the Wave Principle, R.N. Elliott, considered Fibonacci numbers its mathematical basis. Taking it one step further, this practical lesson shows you what Fibonacci clusters are and how to use them to identify high-confidence Elliott wave price targets. (In focus: wheat prices.)

What Our Forecast Said Before Bitcoin's Fifty-Percent-Plus Bitcoin Rally

Bitcoin's trend in 2021 shows how volatile crypto markets are. Yet volatility is when Elliott Wave patterns are usually the most clear: See it for yourself in the rally that began on September 21st.

“I don’t want to hear about it.”

Social media dispensers of stock market advice must always be bullish -- if they want more followers. Get more insights into the current psychology of many novice investors -- as well as seasoned Wall Street pros.

Currencies & the Great Taper Chase: What You Need to Know

When the U.S. Dollar recently hit a 3-year high vs. the Japanese Yen, the financial media explained "why" by trotting out a 5-month old story and calling it "news." We have a better explanation: See the chart and forecast for yourself.


Where is the U.S. Dollar Headed Next?

The trend in the euro has a LOT to do with the question in the headline, because EUR is the biggest component of the U.S. Dollar Index. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through several forex charts and explain how he arrives at the answer.

Are Investors "Down to the Last Pennies"? See What the Data Shows

This video delivers a clear, data-driven answer to the question in the headline. You'll also see why it matters to you and to the stock market.


Bitcoin: Should You Trust “Bullish Fundamentals”?

Near Bitcoin's record high of $64,000 back in April, the mainstream expected more highs ahead, based on "market fundamentals." Instead, Bitcoin crashed to $28,000. Now that it's nearing the record high again, the same voices are bullish... again. Now take an objective look at Bitcoin's trend, courtesy our Crypto Pro Service editor.


UK 10-Year Bond Yields: Classic Elliott Wave Lesson

U.S. Treasury yields aren't the only ones that have been rising. Just like here in the U.S., you can find a lot of "fundamental" explanations for the moves in UK bonds. But watch how an Elliott wave pattern warned of these developments as the recent push up was just starting.

The 20 Percent Crude Oil Rally -- as Forecast in Global Market Perspective

Despite all the "inflation" talk this year, crude oil declined in July and August. Each market has a life of its own -- so here's a look at our crude forecast in the September and October issues of Global Market Perspective.

Does the Fed Really Know What It’s Doing?

Many investors believe that the Fed holds a great deal of sway over the direction of the economy and even the stock market. Yet, this assumption is being challenged. Indeed, the evidence shows that the Fed is irrelevant to the market's trend. Look at this historic case-in-point.

Crude Oil Up 120% in 1 Year: What Happened to Those Lasting Pandemic Scars?

October has seen crude oil soar above $80 per barrel for the first time since 2014. The uptrend has caught many "flat-footed," including a certain world leader. Elliott wave analysis, however, set the stage for skyrocketing oil -- last November.

The Stock Market's "7-Month Topping Process"

Stock market bottoms are usually sharp and fast -- think the March 2020 bottom. Tops, by contrast, are drawn-out affairs. Watch our Global Market Strategist walk you through a series of charts in U.S. and European markets to see why this is relevant today.

Why Economic Forecasts So Often Miss the Mark

Economic forecasts are notorious for often being wrong -- and sometimes dramatically so. For example, economists who were polled in 2007 all agreed that economic expansion was ahead. Yet, it was the Great Recession which arrived instead. Here's more on "extreme consensus" among economists.

How to Become the Top Mining Stock Despite Red Flags Up the Wazoo

In late January 2021, Alcoa stock was not a favorite on Wall Street: It was an "underperformer." But in the months that followed, Alcoa outperformed its sector peers and the stock market overall. See the forecast that saw the rally coming, in Chart of the Day.


Swiss Market Index: An Elliott Wave Turning Point So Accurate You'll Rub Your Eyes

"Ratio analysis" reveals how one wave in a trend can anticipate a coming wave, with absolutely stunning accuracy. EWI's European Short Term Update editor Murray Gunn shows you a real-time example that recently unfolded in the Swiss Market Index.