Toward a New Science of Social Prediction

Robert Prechter speaks at the London School of Economics

In this fascinating lecture delivered to a standing-room-only audience at the London School of Economics in 2004, Robert Prechter reveals compelling evidence in support of socionomic theory. Prechter presents his arguments with the aid of 75 charts and other illustrations to explain the origin of trends in the stock market, economic production, presidential elections, domestic and international conflicts, demographics, innovations and popular culture.

  • Format: Streaming | 2 hours
  • Instructor: Robert Prechter

You will never read the news the same way again

Robert Prechter has described several times in stunning detail the  theory that reveals the true cause-and-effect of financial and social behavior. A field of study he coined as socionomics.

Prechter began developing this idea in the 1970s and started presenting it to academic audiences in 1997. In 2004, when students of the London School of Economics and Political Science invited him to come to their campus to speak, we took that opportunity to film his presentation. In it, he condenses three decades of research into a two-hour presentation that anyone can follow and understand.

Prechter’s presentation will bring a unique clarity to the way you look at financial markets. History will become relevant to you in a way it never has before. Attendees agreed: they will never read the news the same way again.

Give yourself the chance to make sense of the swirl of financial and social events going on around you.

Here’s what Prechter presents in this extraordinary address:

  • Discover a revolutionary framework for anticipating market action and social events
  • Learn why conventional forecasting methods will leave you behind the curve
  • See 75 charts and illustrations that lay out the foundation and application of socionomics
  • Learn to apply socionomics so you can stay ahead of the crowd