The 2015 Social Mood Conference

“Our annual Social Mood Conference is my favorite event of the year.”

— Robert Prechter, Socionomics Foundation President and the conference’s opening speaker

Just as attendees did, you too can be a part of this illuminating experience — and come away equipped to capitalize on new trends, emerging ideas and original perspectives.

Think of it as kind of like TED Talks for the socionomically-aware.

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Watch, pause, rewind — on your time, on-demand — just like in this clip of Robert Prechter’s first presentation, “The Financial-Economic Continuum.”

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All the slides and charts from the 10 presenters are available to you as downloadable PDFs. You’ll remember many of the slides just for the power of the story they tell.

Discover a new worldview that’s gaining popularity

Socionomics is a new science of social prediction. Socionomic research explains how waves of social mood generate social trends; how a positive mood induces people to expand businesses, dress with flair, buy happy music, live in peace, buy stocks, and more; and how a negative mood induces us to do the opposite. Simply put, forecasting social trends puts you ahead of the curve — way ahead.

Who will you see? Here are just three highlights

You’ll see Terry Burnham, Ph.D., formerly a Harvard Business School professor, now teaching finance at Chapman University. Terry is the author of Mean Markets and Lizard Brains and the co-author of Mean Genes. His academic research focuses on the evolutionary origins of human behavior. His 39-minute presentation, “Behavioral and Socionomic Views of Investor Behavior,” shoots holes in mainstream investment theories and gives lessons that would benefit all investors.
You’ll see Elliott Prechter, whose fascination with technology led him to MIT in 2002, to Microsoft in 2006, and later to help start an algorithmic hedge fund in Las Vegas. Today, he runs Qualitative Analytics, which develops artificial intelligence techniques to automate Elliott wave analysis. Elliott’s EWAVES Flash newsletter discusses trading theory and new research developments — all of which he touches on in his 47-minute presentation, “Artificially Intelligent Investing Using EWAVES.”
You’ll see Shikhar Agarwal, MD, MPH, a fellow in the Department of Interventional Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic. A prolific researcher with more than 100 publications, his work has received honors from the American Heart Association, among others. He also serves as a reviewer for publications like the British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association and more. His 28-minute presentation’s title, “Bulls, Bears and My Health – Stock Market, Healthcare and Society,” speaks for itself.

Here are actual comments from Social Mood Conference attendees

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