How to Trade the Bull and Bear Opportunities in Expanded Flats online course

How to Trade the Bull and Bear Opportunities in Expanded Flats

Learn how to spot and act on the multiple trading opportunities in expanded flats and how to avoid its bull/bear traps that snare most traders.

  • Format: On-Demand Course | 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Presenter: Wayne Gorman
  • Level: Intermediate

Maximize your results for this high-frequency Elliott wave pattern

An expanded flat is a distinctive price pattern that regularly develops in all financial markets. If you know how to identify it and how it unfolds, you can formulate an effective trading strategy to capitalize – regardless of which markets you follow.

In this course, EWI Senior Instructor Wayne Gorman shows you exactly how expanded flats work, how to spot them in your price charts and how to set up your trade plan once you’ve identified the pattern.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What distinguishes expanded flats from other corrective structures
  • Why expanded flats chew up and spit out novice traders
  • How to identify expanded flats as they develop in real time
  • How to project each subdivision and anticipate reversals
  • How to sidestep the bull and bear traps that snare most traders
  • How to trade expanded flats using Fibonacci relationships
  • How to set entry, stop, price target, and exit levels in real time
  • What to expect after an expanded flat plays out

Meet Your Instructor

Wayne GormanFormer Senior Trading Instructor

Wayne Gorman, CEWA-M, is a 40-year veteran risk manager and trader. He started out at Citibank, where he managed trading positions in money markets and derivatives. He traded full-time with his own capital for almost five years before. In 2013, Wayne co-authored the Amazon best-selling book Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading, published by Bloomberg Press. Wayne is also the author of multiple EWI trading tutorials.

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