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Stop Straining and Start Training…The Parallax Way

6-Week, Group, Hands-On Trading Course

Introducing The Parallax Way Group Trading Course

Because every Elliott wave trader should have an approach that matches his or her own personality, Parallax coaches work with you to help you realize your own trading style and use that to develop a highly personalized, step-by-step plan for each trade.

Now the Parallax Trading team have developed a new, GROUP learning experience.

It’s quick, intensive and over in just 6 weeks of one-hour sessions.

How the Parallax intensive small group trading course works

Elliott waves are the backbone of the Parallax program. The Parallax team is committed to helping wave traders become consistent in their execution and level-headed in their approach, no matter the outcome of their last trade.

With the small group course, you’ll learn in a group setting. You’ll share ideas, ask questions and discuss trading strategies with the Parallax team and your fellow students.

You’ll finish this group course in just 6 weeks. Having a fixed starting and ending date makes it easier to plan your learning experience.

New skills are great, but everyone’s busy, and the Parallax team gets it.

Over the intensive 6-week period, you and your fellow students will develop:

  • Skills to spot and act on high-confidence Elliott wave setups.
  • A trading plan for doing so.
  • The discipline to stick to your trading plan.

Not a walk in the park

The Parallax Group Trading Course is built around 6 weekly online group sessions.

In-between you’ll consume on-demand training videos from Parallax’s library. These videos are central to the course. Each video is short – as short as 10 minutes, in fact – and teaches you some aspect of the Elliott Wave Principle.

If you’re new to Elliott waves, the videos are great for bringing you up-to-speed.

If you’re familiar with Elliott, they are an excellent refresher.

Then, each week, your group will come together to focus on application – that is, on actual trading. Your instructor will present possible trades, and together the class will discuss whether there’s an actionable pattern; if so, what it is; and the various ways you might execute it.

The course also gives you lots of homework.

How successful you are after completing the course depends in many ways on your own dedication during this 6-week learning experience.

Come committed. Come prepared to work.

Meet your Parallax group course instructors

Imre Gams

Founder and Chief Instructor

Imre started his trading career during the 2008 financial crisis, managing his own money. After 8 months, he was hired by one of the leading U.S. proprietary trading firms as a forex trader and eventually became a trading performance coach. To date, Imre and his team have provided coaching support to over 3,000 traders (around 1/3 of them professional ones). Fellow traders and students appreciate his technical analysis expertise, chart-reading skills, and ability to use Elliott wave analysis as a basis for creating trading plans. When we asked why he doesn’t just focus on trading, he answered: “Trading doesn’t make me nearly as happy as helping other traders overcome the hurdles. To me, it’s simply a lot more fulfilling.”

Zorrays Junaid

Coach and Instructor

Two years into his trading career, Zorrays was struggling to find consistency in his trades. That’s when he was introduced to Imre and the Elliott Wave Principle.

Now, he’s a trading coach helping others create a successful trading mindset and plan to achieve their goals in the markets.

Robert Kawai

Coach and Instructor

Back in 2019, Robert was a struggling new trader trying to find his footing in the markets. After working with Imre, Robert developed a solid strategy that helped boost his trading results.

He now helps other traders customize their plan to find success in the markets.

Meeting you wherever in the world you live

Parallax students come from all over the world. Your instructor team is multinational, too.

The Parallax team works hard to offer flexible timings so they can welcome participants from various geographical regions and different time zones.

What Parallax Students are Saying:

Curriculum and schedule

Once you’ve signed up – as soon as today – the Parallax team will email you access instructions for the live group sessions and on-demand videos.

Live Session 1

February 26

Introduction to the Parallax method, setting expectations and outlining the focus on wave 3, 5 and C trading patterns.

Live Session 2

March 4

Detailed exploration of trading Zigzags and Double Zigzags.

Live Session 3

March 11

Comprehensive understanding of how to trade Flats and Triangles.

Live Session 4

March 18

Mastering the art of trading Ending Diagonals.

Live Session 5

March 25

In-depth study of top-down analysis with 2/3 degrees of trend.

Live Session 6

April 1

Hands-on session on trade management, including stop-loss placement and individual wave targets.

Live session structure (6 sessions, weekly)

Every week, you’ll be a part of a carefully structured, 1-hour session with roughly 40 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes for Q&As.

You’ll receive detailed responses to your questions to ensure your complete understanding.

Each live session is structured to balance teaching time and interaction to maximize learning outcomes.

Student support via online chat platform Discord

As a student, you’ll also have exclusive access to a premium Discord chat forum, fostering a dynamic community of learners and instructors.

Access to the Discord community means continuous learning and interaction outside of the live sessions. It’s another way for you to reach your instructors and fellow students.

Course space is limited

The Parallax team wants to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience, so there is a cap on the number of students accepted.

Registration Is Closed

We are not currently accepting new students for The Parallax Way Group Trading Course. If you’d like to be notified when the next live course is offered, please contact us.

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