The Theory of Elementary Waves:

A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics

The book’s premise upends the standard view of quantum mechanics. The new Theory of Elementary Waves dispenses with ideas such as particles being in two places at once, time going backwards and observation as a determinant of reality. Dr. Little explains activity at the sub-atomic level with the same understanding of cause and effect that governs all other science.

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  • By: Dr. Lewis E. Little

The time is ripe for a credible challenge to quantum theory

The science of physics should help us understand the physical world, from galaxies to sub-atomic particles. Yet explanations under quantum mechanics include a variety of contradictions.

Most prominent is that elementary particles simultaneously exhibit the properties and behaviors of both particles and waves, a notion that produced the claim that a single particle — or at least it’s “potential” — can can be in two places at once.

The links in this chain of absurdity have led to bizarre extremes, such as the idea of backwards time, curved space and the comment from a well-known physicist that “the moon is demonstrably not there when nobody looks.”

In the book’s foreword, EWI’s founder Robert Prechter credits Dr. Little with “a vision as revolutionary as that of Copernicus 350 years earlier,” and writes, “[Little] not only revolutionizes the fundamentals of sub-atomic physics but also reclaims the fundamentals of scientific philosophy.”

If you want to experience being at the forefront of a scientific revolution in what was formerly an unnecessarily mysterious field, this book is for you.


“Physicists will marvel at the way Dr. Little is able to penetrate to the crux of the matter with crystal clear explanations on so many related subjects in so short a space….A good read even for experienced professionals.”
Frank Schneider, Ph.D., Jet Propulsion Labs

“I recommend this important work. Little’s theory makes quantum physics understandable.”
Archie McKerrell, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist, University of Liverpool

“Like Copernicus demolishing the cycles and epicycles of Ptolemaic astronomy, the Theory of Elementary Waves has the potential to sweep away decades of absurdity which have grown up on the basic observations of quantum mechanics.”
Michael Flagg, Nuclear Engineer, University of Missouri Research Reactor Center

“The Theory of Elementary Waves” presents:

  • A critique of quantum theory, including Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Bell’s Theorem, the “double-slit” experiment and such topics as “dark matter.”
  • An entire chapter on how TEW provides a physical explanation of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  • How TEW sheds new light on the physics of the atom and atomic decay.
  • Suggestions for future research, not just in physics but in chemistry and biology as well.

Dr. Lewis E. Little

Dr. Little received his BA in physics from Brown University in 1962, graduating with highest honors. He received his MA in physics from Princeton University in 1965 and his Ph.D. in physics from New York University in 1974.

As a second-year graduate student in 1963, Dr. Little came to the conclusion that quantum mechanics, the currently accepted theory of subatomic phenomena, is erroneous. The clash between quantum mechanics and the basic principles of elementary logic and reason had led many physicists to question those principles rather than the theory of quantum mechanics. But the clash proved to Dr. Little that some aspect of quantum mechanics must be false. Thus began a 30-year odyssey in search of a properly physical and rational theory.

In 1996, Dr. Little published his groundbreaking paper, “The Theory of Elementary Waves,” in Physics Essays. He delivered his first presentation on The Theory of Elementary Waves at Jet Propulsion Labs in 2000, and in 2009 Dr. Little completed The Theory of Elementary Waves: A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics to introduce the key elements of his theory to physicists and non-physicists alike.

Dr. Little advocates a philosophy of reason, both in science and in our culture at large.

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