Last Chance to
Conquer the Crash

You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression

Last Chance to Conquer the Crash is your guidebook for total preparation—and total safety—during a time of a financial crash and economic depression. It offers a unique set of secrets for financial survival.

The first edition of Conquer the Crash (2002) prepared readers for the meltdown of 2006-2012 in stocks, junk bonds and real estate, the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The next crisis will be even bigger, and the fully revised and updated Last Chance to Conquer the Crash (completed Dec. 2021) will have you fully prepared.

The new edition includes exciting new information on offshore banking, foreign citizenships and low-cost international precious metals storage.

  • Format: Hardback and eReader
  • By: Robert Prechter

Your practical guide to thriving in a bear market

If you have already read Conquer the Crash, then you are no doubt fully prepared. If not, you can decide quickly whether you need it by asking yourself just these questions:

  • Is my bank safe?
  • Is my pension safe?
  • What risk does my mortgage hold?
  • Which bonds are a safe investment? Which ones might go to zero?
  • Will gold and silver go up or down in a depression?
  • Where can I find the safest money funds?
  • Is my insurance with a weak company?
  • Can I make money in a crash?
  • How can I stay physically safe?
  • New: How can I open accounts in the safest banks in the world?
  • New: Where are the safest places to store gold?
  • New: Should I get a second passport?

Even if you aren’t sure a crash and depression are likely, what have you got to lose? Information is valuable. Even if you don’t use it now, you might be glad later that you have it.

There is no other book in the world like this one. There is no other meticulous explanation of the risks you face. No other book offers a careful prescription for how you can weather a financial crisis in full safety, without worrying. Do yourself a favor. Get your copy of Conquer the Crash today.

You will want to save and mark many parts of this book, and you will want to take some of its recommended actions immediately. If you really don’t like it, just send us an email with your reasons, and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked. How does that sound?

Robert R. PrechterFounder and President, Elliott Wave International

Robert R. Prechter’s name is familiar to market observers the world over. Since founding EWI in 1979, Prechter has focused on applying and enhancing the Wave Principle, R.N. Elliott’s fractal model of financial pricing. Prechter shares his market insights in The Elliott Wave Theorist, one of the longest-running financial publications in existence today. Prechter has developed a theory of social causality called socionomics, whose main hypothesis is endogenously regulated waves of social mood prompt social actions. In other words, events don’t shape moods; moods shape events. Prechter has authored and edited several academic papers. He has written 18 books on finance and socionomics, including a New York Times bestseller.

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Last Chance to
Conquer the Crash

Last Chance to Conquer the Crash is your guidebook for total preparation—and total safety—during a time of a financial crash and economic depression. We’ll ship you a hardback copy and give you instant access to and electronic version so you can get started right away.


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