Bitcoin Breaks Above $30K. Here’s Why

This is Chart of the Day, and I’m Nico Isaac. “Bitcoin Breaks Above $30K. Here’s Why.”

Well, the cryptocurrency world is abuzz with newly-fanned conspiracy theories on the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Bedlam broke after a hidden Bitcoin whitepaper PDF was discovered in the hard drive of all MacOS computers created after 2018. The running theory: Satoshi is Apple founder Steve Jobs.

We’ll leave this intriguing Easter egg hunt to the technophiles. Meanwhile, Bitcoin prices sent investors on a different kind of high-stakes hunt on April 10. That day, Bitcoin busted out of a weeks’ long sideways pattern in an aggressive rally to 10-month highs.

The origin of the mysterious whitepaper remains unsolved, yet mainstream experts say the reason for Bitcoin’s single-day surge was wide out in the open.

Wrote Barron’s on April 10:

“The price of Bitcoin has risen 1.5% over the past 24 hours to $28,325. The largest digital asset has been hovering around $28,000 for weeks now, spiking as high as near $29,500 amid bouts of enthusiasm — representing the highest point since the crypto crash accelerated into a brutal bear market last June.”

The March Consumer Price Index, a.k.a. the much-anticipated inflation data, publishes on April 12. So, do Bitcoin investors have a collective crystal ball such that the April 10 rally was anticipating a CPI number two days ahead of its release, or is there a more rational explanation for Bitcoin’s bullish breakout to 10-month highs?

Here, on April 10 our Crypto Pro Service prepared subscribers for the long-awaited move. We showed a version of this chart, pinpointing prices at the start of a third-of-a-third wave rally and said,

“We can lift the near-term key level to 27800.00, the wave 2 extreme and keep the focus higher in five waves…If a third-of-a-third wave is in progress, we expect BTC to move swiftly higher…”

And this is what followed.

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