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Market Minute: Momentum Shows You Patterns, Too -- Watch

You know that price charts show you Elliott wave patterns -- you can use them to anticipate where prices will go next. Yet did you know that momentum indicators have their own patterns? Watch how to combine them with Elliott waves in this quick new video from the editor of our Trader's Classroom, Jeffrey Kennedy.

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India's Stocks: Here's What to Make of the Recent Sell-off

The recent drop in India's Nifty was unexpected only to those unfamiliar with Elliott waves. Watch as Chris Carolan, editor of our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update, shows you two Nifty charts -- one long-term, one short-term -- that puts the sell-off in simple Elliott wave terms.

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Don't "Mind the Gap." Capitalize on It.

You've seen those blank spaces on a chart where the price "jumped" from one point to the next. Gaps. They are a wealth of information, in the right hands. Watch this video to learn more.