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420 Stocks: Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC) Coming Off the High

Less than six months ago, Canopy Growth Corp. stock was soaring high; hitting an all-time high above $52 in April.

It has since dropped below $20/share. What happened? And, more importantly, what's next?


How to Add "Certainty" to Your Elliott Wave Forecasts

All market forecasting is… well, forecasting. Meaning, there are no guarantees. Elliott wave analysis is not fool-proof, either. Still, see if this tip from our Head of Global Research helps you add confidence to your wave counts.


Here's the Single Key Difference Between Market Tops and Bottoms

Traders have many tools to spot short-term trend reversals. But if you're an investor, how do you know which way the tide is flowing? Watch our European Financial Forecast editor explain the key difference between market tops and bottoms every investor should know about.