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Club Elliott Wave is the launchpad for your Elliott wave journey. With over half a million traders and investors beginning their journey here, Club is by far the world’s most popular starting point for people who want to use Elliott. Here, you learn to spot high-confidence opportunities, set targets and objectively time your market and money decisions. 

Club members pay a nominal fee. In return, you get complimentary access to resources including articles, reports, videos, and special events — all from the best educators and analysts in the business.


Here’s a taste of what Club Elliott Wave members received in the past year. 

  • 12+ Events, including the January ‘23 FreeWeek that prepared Club members for the 40,000-point rally in Bitcoin 
  • 60+ Club-Exclusive Articles, including the July Trader’s Classroom  where Robert Kelley showed the exact Elliott wave setup he used to catch a 12% move in Apple 
  • 24+ Reports & Courses, including one of our most popular on-demand courses, How to Formulate a Solid Trade Plan and Know When to Pull the Trigger (a $99 value) 

Together these resources and events were valued at over $2,000. Who knows how much they were worth in market opportunities! 

What Club Members Say…

Brendan Foley 

Peter Woo 

Kumar Bharath 

What You Get 

Sometimes we see something in our premium services that we know would really help your journey. We add that analysis to your Club portal. We expect to add at least one Premium Article per week.

We’ve been teaching the world about Elliott waves for 40 years. Along the way, we’ve created the biggest Elliott wave library in the world.  

As a Club member, you’ll instantly get access to multiple iconic resources to help you learn Elliott waves. For example, you get online access to the legendary Wall Street bestselling book, Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior.  You also have ongoing access to our extremely popular Elliott Wave Crash Course. 

They are a great place to start to learn the ins and outs of Elliott. They are permanently available to you as long as you remain a member. 

We’ll also occasionally give you access to reports from our premium subscription services and courses from our library.  

We’ll occasionally throw open the doors to our premium analysis, either for free or a very steep discount. This gives you a chance to see our real-time, expert analysis for yourself. The events are our most popular Club resources.  

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