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Here’s how the "Last Chance" Crash Protection Package helps you:

See the magnitude of the stock market top -- so you understand what the world is facing.

See how the bear market will play out -- so you can strategize.

See how we think you should position yourself -- so you can survive and prosper.

See the big waves before they arrive -- so you can adjust.

Put yourself one step ahead of virtually everyone else during this bear market.

This Package Includes:

Robert Prechter's
Last Call

120 pages | Stand-alone price: $19

When you hear "last call," you know the party's ending. Ride along with Prechter as he tracks the lead-up to the momentous peak in stock prices.

The book sets the stage with Prechter's bullish prediction of January-February 2016 issued as the Dow bottomed at 15,450 prior to a 20,000-point rise. Then it lays out his real-time case for an approaching major top as published over a 4-year period through January 2022.

Get the eReader version free and see the magnitude of this stock market top.

Robert Prechter's
Forecast for the Bear:
2022-2024 and Beyond

62 pages | Stand-alone price: $49

Forecast for the Bear presents Prechter's published forecasts for how the bear market will play out in 2022-2024 and beyond.

"In a random world, the century-long forecast presented here would have a chance of one in millions of playing out. Under Elliott wave analysis, the odds are better than 50-50." — Bob Prechter, January 2022

Get the eReader version of this book free and see how the bear market will play out.

Robert Prechter's
Last Chance to Conquer the Crash (2021)

226 pages | Stand-alone price: $99

Readers of Conquer the Crash's first edition (2002) got many ideas on how to keep their money safe in 2006-2012, when stocks, debt and real estate had their biggest bear markets since the Great Depression.

The new edition, completed in December 2021, proposes that an even bigger financial crisis is imminent. Those who are properly positioned will not just survive but prosper, so read this book before it’s too late.

Conquer the Crash answers these questions:

  • "Is my bank safe?"
  • "Is my pension safe?"
  • "What risk does my mortgage hold?"
  • "Which bonds are a safe investment? Which ones might go to zero?"
  • "Will gold and silver go up or down in a depression?"
  • "Where can I find the safest money funds?"
  • "Is my insurance with a weak company?"
  • "Can I make money in a crash?"
  • "How can I stay physically safe?"
  • New: "How can I open accounts in the safest banks in the world?"
  • New: "Where are the safest places to store gold?"
  • New: "Should I get a second passport?"

The first edition of this book was a New York Time Bestseller. We think this one is even more important.

You will want to save and mark many parts of this book, and you will want to take some of its recommended actions immediately.

Get the eReader version free and see how we think you should position yourself.


12 months of the Financial Forecast Service
Elliott Wave Theorist, Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and Short Term Update

Most important, the "Last Chance" Crash Protection Package gives you new, continuous market updates on every important timeframe.

Stand-alone price: $37/mo

Every Month

At the end of each month, you get a 30-60 day look ahead at the markets. Elliott Wave Financial Forecast lays out expected trends and turns in stocks, gold, USD and bonds.

Stand-alone price: $67/mo

Three Days Per Week

At market close every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you get the Short Term Update, alerting you to what’s changed and what’s upcoming in the next several days.

Stand-alone price: $37/mo

Latest Research

Every month, Robert Prechter sends you his latest research about waves of social mood in the markets in the Elliott Wave Theorist. So you always know the full picture.

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"Last Chance"
Crash Protection Package


  • Last Call, eReader
  • Forecast for the Bear, eReader
  • Last Chance to Conquer the Crash, eReader
  • 12 Months of Financial Forecast Service

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