Why Confidence in Your Trading Method is Essential

Also, here’s what “beating the market” requires

It stands to reason that every trader needs a method before pressing the buy or sell button.

The Elliott wave method is based on chart patterns which repeat; hence, these patterns are highly recognizable. So, trading setups become easy to spot in both up- and down trending markets.

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In the meantime, a point worth emphasizing is that traders must learn to minimize emotions in their trading. As Robert Prechter states in his book, Prechter’s Perspective:

Once you get emotional, your objectivity decreases dramatically. If it were not for that impediment, normally intelligent people could make money trading. Obviously, that is not the case.

Beating the market requires a transcendence of emotional involvement.

The beauty of the Elliott wave method is that it offers a way to recognize objective setups. The element that a trader must provide is the emotional discipline to take advantage of those setups.

Also realize that even if you’re an emotionally disciplined trader, no trading system is perfect. In other words, if you’re an active trader, the chances are high that you will experience losses at times.

On the other hand, there can also be a big upside to using Elliott wave patterns in your trading. This is from Robert Prechter’s classic “What Every Trader Needs to be Successful”:

When the big winner finally comes along, you need the self-esteem and confidence in your method to take all that it promises.

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That said, no trading method is perfect.

Yet, observation has shown that chart patterns repeat because investor psychology never changes. This repetition makes trading setups relatively easy to spot — if you are knowledgeable.

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